Posted Date: January 25, 2018

Deadline: 2/28/2018

On or before 4:00 p.m., Central Daylight Time, February 28, 2018, the Caddo Bossier Parishes Port Commission, (“the Commission”) will receive Statements of Qualifications and Proposals (“the Statements”) from parties interested in assisting the Commission with an Organizational and Efficiency Study.  A selection is expected to be made on or before April 9, 2018, and the consultant’s services would be utilized immediately thereafter.  Informational pre-proposal meetings will be held at the address listed below on February 13, 2018 and February 20, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.  The assistance sought may be needed only on a temporary basis.  The Statements must be received in the Commission office at the address below prior to the deadline.  All Statements received by the deadline will be opened at that time by the Executive Port Director or his designee and the names of the submitting parties, but not the contents of the Statements, will be made public at that time.  Statements received after the deadline will not be accepted.  All Statements received will become part of the public records of the Commission and will not be returned.


Interested parties should submit an original and ten (10) copies of their Statements by mail or hand delivery to:


Eric England, Executive Port Director

Caddo Bossier Parishes Port Commission

6000 Doug Attaway Blvd.

Shreveport, LA 71115


Further information on this RFQ&P may be obtained by contacting:


Eric England

(318) 524 2272


Further information on the Commission may be obtained by visiting the Commission’s website:


Please note:

The selection of a consultant to provide the described scope of services will not be made on cost alone, but may be made based on the consideration of qualifications and related factors contained in this RFQ&P.


The Commission is a political subdivision of the State of Louisiana created by Acts 1962, No. 504 as Article VI, Section 32, an amendment to the Louisiana Constitution of 1921 approved November 6, 1962 and carried forward as R.S. 34:3158-3165 pursuant to Article 14, Section 16(A)(3) of the Louisiana Constitution of 1974 and Acts 1975, No. 66. The Port has all the powers and privileges granted to it by the constitution and statutes of the State of Louisiana including, but not limited to, the authority to incur debt, to issue bonds, to construct and maintain facilities and to regulate the commerce and traffic within the Caddo-Bossier Port area. 

The Port is governed by a Board of nine Commissioners; one is appointed by the Bossier Parish Police Jury, two by the Caddo Parish Commission, four are appointed by the governing authority of the City of Shreveport, and two are appointed by the City of Bossier City. The Commissioners are not compensated for their services. They are, however, reimbursed in full for travel expenditures. 

Title to all property and improvements operated by the Port is held for the public and vests in the Port for public administration, subject to the right of the Port to lease, sell or otherwise dispose of the property with proper public notice. 

The Commission became operational in the mid-1990’s with the completion of the Red River/J. Bennett Johnston Waterway.  For over the past two decades and with the exception of periods of time caused by flooding, the Commission has seen steady increases in its operations and number of tenants and customers.  In addition, the Commission owns approximately 2,300 acres.  

The Commission’s operations are comprised of three main areas of activity:  (1) barge/maritime, (2) railroad and (3) property leases.  In addition to these areas of activity, the Commission also collects a 2.5 mil property tax in Caddo and Bossier Parishes.  The revenues from this property tax are primarily used for the retirement of debt, land acquisition and capital projects.  

The Commission’s 20 employees carry out the day-to-day responsibilities with the Operations department being the largest department with ten employees.  Other departments include:  Finance & HR, Legal, Community Relations, Engineering and Business Development.  As the Port has grown its operational activity to meet the needs of its customers and tenants, changes have been made to the organizational structure.  The Commission is now seeking an independent consultant to review and assess the organizational structure, operational functions and levels of staffing and make recommendations that will improve efficiencies and enhance the organizational operations for current and future needs.  


Conduct an examination of the Commission organizational structure and functions.

Assess the functional assignments and human resources required to perform current duties.

Identify supervisory ratios and, based on industry best practices and organizational needs, develop recommendations for appropriate supervisory ratios.

Evaluate staff scheduling and process for managing overtime.

Review department operational functions and workflow process.

Identify best practices and performance measures for each department.

Recommend an optimal organizational structure highlighting both current and future staffing requirements.  

Provide salary ranges for each of the positions within the proposed organizational structure.   

Provide recommendations for streamlining procedures and processes for department functions

Identify cost saving technologies to support current and future programs and operations.

Provide training recommendations to improve operations and support succession planning.

Determination of current organizational or operational efficiencies and areas in need of improvement.

Compare and contrast the Commission with other similar sized ports in the gulf coast region.

Determine a method of assessing the health of the culture, internal relationships and attitudes in the workplace.  Depending on the outcome of the assessment, determine effective measures to improve those areas that may need addressing.

Determine cost saving measure that could be implemented that will allow similar or increased levels of service and that will improve overall efficiency.  




The Statement of Qualifications and Proposal must clearly address each of the follow criteria in the order listed.


  1. Cover Letter and Executive Summary- Provide a cover letter and Executive Summary of the approach that the firm will take to fulfill the goal and objectives of the project.  A cover letter by an individual who is authorized to bind the responding firm contractually shall be attached to the proposal.  Within that cover letter, the respondent shall give a

summary of those elements and approaches that the firm proposes to fulfill the goals and objectives of the contract.  

  1. Statement of Qualifications and Level of Experience- The firm shall present a statement of qualifications as to their prior history with similar projects to include references.  A brief summary of those similar projects is encouraged.  The statement of qualifications should include the organizational structure under which the firm will perform the work, a list of team members that will participate in the project and a resume of those that will be involved in the project.
  2. Detailed Description of the Firm’s Overall Approach to the Project that will Result in the Desired Deliverable to the Commission- The firm shall provide a detailed description of the approach and methods that will result in the desired results of the project being delivered to the Commission.   In addition to the detailed work plan, the firm is encouraged to submit one example of a similar project and the final deliverable associated with the similar project.  
  3. Assistance from the Commission and Commission staff- Within the proposal, the firm shall attempt to detail the amount and level of assistance that will be needed from the Commission and staff.
  4. Timeline- in addition to the submittal of the firm’s approach to the project, the firm shall include a timeline of events that will correspond with the approach the firm will be taking to complete the project.
  5. Work schedule and current assignments- Provide a plan for service delivery.  Provide a statement concerning your firm’s ability to devote sufficient time and resources to the Commission’s work in relation to existing assignments the firm is currently involved with or will become involved with over the next several months.
  6. Costs for Providing Services. Please provide an hourly rate for all parties involved in the completion of the assessment and security master plan.  In addition, provide a statement of any and all other fees and/or charges to complete the services described in this RFQ&P.
  7. M/WBE Participation.  The Commission is committed to the growth and development of women and minority business enterprises (M/WBE).  In furtherance of this commitment, the policy of the Commission is to encourage minority participation in all its contracts and activities.  The Commission seeks to obtain participation by women and minority owned business enterprises.  Please provide a statement regarding the firm's policy in support of these goals.
  8. Certificate.  The Statement must include the following certificate:

I certify that the above information is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I also certify that to the best of my knowledge or belief, no commissioner or employee of the Caddo-Bossier Parishes Port Commission is financially interested, directly or indirectly, in my firm or in the purchase of services as described in this RFQ&P.




Print Name:___________________________





  1. No fewer than ten years’ experience in performing organizational assessments.  
  2. Minimum insurance requirements of:


$2 Million General Aggregate, coverage to include:                                       

Professional liability 

Errors and Omissions

$500,000 each incident

Workers Compensation

$500,000 each employee


Proposals for will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Expertise of consultant or firm in the areas of organizational assessments to ports and other public and private facilities
  • Expertise of assigned personnel and experience with similar assignments
  • Cost of services in relation to scope
  • Responsiveness to the Request for Qualifications and Proposal
  • M/WBE Business Participation

The Commission reserves the right to establish further criteria for evaluation of qualifications, to require additional submissions, to waive any informalities in submissions, to reject any or all submissions and to negotiate with successful parties.