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AAPA Technical & Policy Committees

Technical Committees

Technical committees can include individuals from all membership categories, and they help the Association set policy, develop new programs and serve as a valuable resource to AAPA members. 



Cruise terminals, operations, marketing and itineraries

Chairman: Brandy Christian, Port of New Orleans, (504) 528-3203
1st Vice Chair: Michael McLaughlin, Port of Seattle, (206) 787-3453
2nd Vice Chair: Andrew Saporito, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, (212) 435-4217
AAPA Staff Liaison: Susan Monteverde, (703) 706-4703
Cruise Committee webpage 
Cruise Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Cruise Committee online Community (Cruise Committee members only)


U.S. military operations, strategic ports

Chris Fisher

Chairman: Chris Fisher, Port of Beaumont, (409) 835-5367 x222
AAPA Staff Liaison: John Young, (703) 706-4706 
Defense Committee webpage
Defense Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Defense Committee online Community (Defense Committee members only)


Air quality, water quality, stormwater, contaminated sediment, sustainability, environmental management systems, engaging stakeholders and communities

Sarah Garza
Amelia Pellegrin


Chairman: Sarah Garza, Port Corpus Christi, (361) 885-6163 
Vice Chair: Ameila Pellegrin, Port of New Orleans, (504) 528-3301
Secretary:  Jason Jordan, The Northwest Seaport Alliance, (253) 830-5321
AAPA Staff Liaison: Meredith Martino, (703) 706-4718  
Environment Committee webpage
Environment Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Environment Committee online Community (Environment Committee members only)

Facilities Engineering

Landside infrastructure, marine terminal design and construction

Bill Crowe

Chairman: Bill Crowe, P.E., Canaveral Port Authority, (321) 783-7831, x208
AAPA Staff Liaison: Ed O'Connell, (703) 706-4709  
Facilities Engineering Committee webpage
Facilities Engineering Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Facilities Engineering Committee online Community (Facilities Engineering Committee members only)


Port administration, financing, accounting practices 


Chairman: Andrew Palomares, Port of Hueneme, (805) 488-3677, x.2222
Vice Chair:  Rodger Rees, Port Canaveral, (321) 783-7831 x.222
AAPA Staff Liaison: Ed O'Connell, (703) 706-4709  
Finance Committee webpage
Finance Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Finance Committee online Community (Finance Committee members only)

Harbors & Navigation

Waterside infrastructure, federal navigation channel, dredging, dredged material placement 



Chairman:  Ryan McFarland, Port of Seattle, (206) 787-3014 
Vice Chair: Robert E. Musser, Jr., Canaveral Port Authority, (321) 783-7831
AAPA Staff Liaison: Jim Walker, (703) 706-4715  
Harbors & Navigation Committee webpage
Harbors & Navigation Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Harbors & Navigation Committee online Community (Harbors & Navigation Committee members only)

Information Technology

Information technology, cybersecurity

Martyn Adamson

Ken Washington

Chairman:  Martyn Adamson, Port of Tacoma, (253) 428-8648 
1st Vice Chair: Michelle R. Thames, PortMiami, (305) 960-5452 
2nd Vice Chair: Ken Washington, Port Tampa Bay, (813) 905-5100
AAPA Staff Liaison: Meredith Martino, (703) 706-4708  
Information Technology Committee webpage
Information Technology Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Information Technology Committee online Community (Information Technology Committee members only)

Law Review

Legal issues, litigation, contracts


Chairman: Tom Schroeter, Port of Houston Authority, (713) 670-2423 
Vice Chair: Heather McCloskey, Port of Los Angeles, (310) 732-3750 
2nd Vice Chair: Michael Dees, Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District, (337) 493-3504 
2nd Vice Chair:  Danny Wan, Port of Oakland, (510) 627-1340
AAPA Staff Liaison: Jean Godwin, (703) 684-5700  
Law Review Committee webpage
Law Review Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Law Review Committee online Community (Law Review Committee members only)

Maritime Economic Development

Port real estate, industrial development, energy cargoes, master planning & research

Ed Anthes-Washburn
Ed Anthes-
Amy Miller


Chair: Edward C. Anthes-Washburn, Port of New Bedford, (508) 961-3000 
1st Vice Chair: Amy Miller, Port of Pensacola, (850) 436-5070 
2nd Vice Chair: Patrick Robitaille, Québec Port Authority, (418) 648-4956

AAPA Staff Liaison: Aaron Ellis, (703) 706-4711  
Maritime Economic Development Committee webpage
Maritime Economic Development Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Maritime Economic Development Committee online Community (Maritime Economic Development Committee members only)

Public Relations

Media and public outreach, community programs, workforce education




Chair: Judy Adams, Alabama State Port Authority, (251) 441-7003
1st Vice Chair: Mélanie Nadeau, Montréal Port Authority, (514) 283-1385
2nd Vice Chair: Robert Morris, Georgia Ports Authority, (912) 964-3855
AAPA Staff Liaison: Aaron Ellis, (703) 706-4714  
Public Relations Committee webpage
Public Relations Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Public Relations Committee online Community (Public Relations Committee members only)


Cargo and facility security, security personnel


Chair, Security & Policy: Jill Taylor, Port of Los Angeles, (310) 732-7628 
Vice Chair: Mark Dubina, Port Tampa Bay, (813) 241-1893
AAPA Staff Liaison: John Young, (703) 706-4706  
Security Committee webpage
Security Committee roster (AAPA members only)
Security Committee online Community (Security Committee members only)

AAPA Policy Committees

There are three policy committees that are limited in membership and activity by virtue of the AAPA bylaws or by tradition.

Executive Committee

The Board may delegate any or all of its power to the ten-member committee consisting of ex-officio members and appointed members.

Steve Cernak
Steve Cernak

Chairman: Steve Cernak, Port Everglades, (954) 523-8713
AAPA Staff Liaison: Kurt J. Nagle, (703) 684-5700 

U.S. Legislative Policy Council

The United States Legislative Policy Council (LPC) reviews the legislation and governmental relations program and activities of the Association.

Steve Cernak

Chairman: Steve Cernak, Port Everglades, (954) 468-3516
AAPA Staff Liaison: Susan Monteverde, (703) 706-4703 

Professional Development Board

Administers the AAPA Professional Port Manager (PPM®) certification program.

Chairman: Dr. Noel Hacegaba, PPM, Port of Long Beach, (562) 283-7071 
AAPA Staff Liaison: Mary Beth Long, (703) 706-4707

Professional Development Board online Community (Professional Development Board members only)