Request for Qualification: Port of Lake Charles
Posted Date: December 19, 2017

Deadline: February 1, 2018 5:00 p.m. CST


Request for Statement of Qualifications

For Marsh Restoration Partnership for Natural Resource Damages

   Beneficial Use of Dredged Material


Submittal Deadline: February 1, 2018

Request for Statement of Qualifications

Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District

Lake Charles, Louisiana

1.  Project Description and Work to be Performed:

  • The Lake Charles Harbor and Terminal District (District) is seeking a qualified entity with which they can enter into a joint venture to restore marshland. The District is regularly involved with dredging projects creating significant amounts of dredge material. Four or more locations are currently under consideration for restoration.       Wetland restoration projects are being considered as a means to provide additional dredge material placement capacity. If certain banking and regulatory requirements are pre-arranged and certified, these restoration areas could potentially generate income for the joint venture through the generation of ecological credits to be sold to others via Natural Resource Damages (NRD).


  • This is not wetland mitigation banking.



  • The qualified party will be able to work closely with the District, and assess such things as dredging and construction timing, ecological feasibility, regulatory risks and market demand of environmental credits generated in proposed fill locations.  The locations are in and around the Port of Lake Charles and may require either party or the joint venture to take title to property or to control property easements necessary for ecological banking.  The partner must be able to negotiate directly with regulatory agencies, arrange for banking instruments and provide for financial assurances to guarantee long term care and construction.  Any credits created through this process will require the party to both control and market these for the joint venture.


2.  Selection Criteria: Those responding will be scored according to criteria set forth below.





Have experience creating banking instruments for Natural Resource Damages (NRD).  Have experience creating NRD credits. Have experience and success in marketing, selling, and transferring NRD credits.  Experience in working with local, state, and federal trustees for NRD.



Experience in overseeing projects to maximize overall ecological uplift to gain maximum credits.  Experience with marsh or wetland restoration projects from concept phase through construction and long term care.  Ability to purchase, lease, or own land entitlements. 



Ability to finance restoration banking feasibility process.  Ability to post financial assurances through performance bonds or an irrevocable letter of credit to guarantee project.



List 2 completed projects your firm or team has been a part of.  Provide an owner and/or trustee contact information as a reference.


3.  SoQ Requirements:


  • All criteria shall be addressed in the order presented in the Notice. Content shall provide information and respond to the criteria described above.
  • SoQ shall be typewritten in a readable digital formal such as PDF.
  • Maximum of 10 pages will be allowed for the submittal.
  • No attachments.

4.  Process:

District staff will evaluate the submittals and grade in each category according to the criteria.  The grades will be averaged and the most qualified firm will be selected to enter into a contract with the Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District.  The contract will be a negotiated agreement with terms and conditions to be determined.  It is expected that this process could take several months and will be need to be amended from time to time.  Should agreement negotiations fail, the District reserves the right to enter into negotiations with the next qualified firm.

5.  Deliverables and Deadline:

Email completed SoQ in pdf format to  Please include “SoQ for NRD” in the subject line.

Statements of Qualifications must be received by February 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM CST.  No late submissions will be evaluated.

6.  Agency Contact:

Requests for additional information regarding this statement of qualifications shall be addressed to Regan Brown at (337) 493-3540 or E-mail address 

It shall be noted that all questions regarding the statement of qualifications shall be communicated in writing or by email to Shaunna Davis by no later than January 15, 2018.  After that date, no additional questions will be received and/or responded to in kind.