Invitation for Bids: PortMiami
Posted Date: April 5, 2018

Deadline: 05/07/18 2:00 PM

Miami-Dade County is soliciting interested contractors to agree to participate and perform in a Miscellaneous Construction Contract (MCC) Bid No. MCC 7360 Plan for various Departments.

REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS are open to public inspection and may be obtained from the Internal Services Department (ISD), Procurement Management Services Division, located at 111 NW 1 Street, 13th Floor, Miami, FL, 33128.

All solicitations are available online and can be found at

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SECTION 3 REQUIREMENTS: This is a Section 3 covered activity.  Section 3 requires that job training and employment opportunities be directed to low and very-low income persons and contracting opportunities be directed to businesses that are owned by, or that substantially employ, low- or very-low income persons.

Note: Davis Bacon Wage Rates will be in effect for all Housing projects.


License Requirement - At the time of Bid and pursuant to the requirements of Section 10-3 of the Code of Miami-Dade County, Florida and this RPQ and Contract Documents, the Bidder must hold a valid, current, and active State and/or Miami-Dade County contractor’s license from the County’s Construction Trades Qualifying Board, which is consistent with the requirements of the Scope of Work.  Specialty contractors shall subcontract with a qualified contractor, as required by chapter 10, for any work, which is incidental to their specialty but is specified in the aforementioned Code as being work other than that of the certified specialty.


MCC 7360 Plan – Request for Price Quotation (RPQ)

1) Port of Miami – Contact Person: Frank Ramirez / Telephone No.: (305) 347-5508

RPQ No.: H2017-045-R – High – Mast Lights Replacement – ESTIMATED COST: $175,000.00

LICENSE REQUIREMENT: Electrical Contractor


The Contractor shall provide all labor, tools, materials, equipment and incidentals necessary to complete the replacement of four (4) damaged High-Mast Light Pole (HMLP) ring assemblies with LED assemblies as described in scope below. Work is located at the Miami-Dade County Seaport Department.

The project is comprised of, but not limited to:

  1. Removal of four (4) damaged HMLP light ring assemblies, which includes haul-away and disposal of all damaged materials and hardware. The affected pole ID numbers (as labeled in the field and in accompanying location detail plan) are: SB15, SB23, 201, and 46.
  1. Furnish and Install four (4) High-Mast LED systems as per the following performance specifications.

--a. All electrical components and systems shall be UL or NRTL listed.

--b. Lighting Output for each pole:

---- (1) LED systems for poles 201 and 46 shall have a lighting output equivalent to at least eight (8) 1000W HID Fixtures (the fixtures being replaced on these poles).

---- (2) LED systems for poles SB23 and SB15 shall have a lighting output equivalent to at least twelve (12) 1000W HID Fixtures (the fixtures being replaced on these poles).

--c. Fixtures shall be LED with color temperature of 5000K +/- 15%.

--d. Any control, maintenance, or monitoring equipment requiring maintenance access shall be located at the base of the pole in outdoor, weather-resistant, and corrosion-resistant rated enclosures.

--e. Fixtures shall incorporate glare control features such as full cutoff classification, use of visors, or other means to minimize glare and light spillover. The fixtures’ glare performance shall meet or exceed an established glare control methodology such as achieving a Glare Rating of 50 or lower at observer positions 400 ft. away from the center of the HMLP as per CIE 112-1994 (assume asphalt surface grid reflectance of 0.1). As per Technical Specifications - Section 01340 - Shop Drawings, documentation of glare performance shall be provided to Owner as part of product submittals and shall include nighttime photographs of previous installations of the proposed fixtures in a high-mast lighting application.

Document Pick-Up: Documents are available (on Compact Disk) starting on April 5, 2018, at PortMiami's, Contracts, Procurement and Materials Management Section, 1007 N. America Way, Suite 311, Miami, FL 33132. One copy of the bid documents will be required to prepare a bid. Bid documents (on Compact Disk) will also be available after the pre-bid/site visit meeting.

The non-refundable fee for each set of Bid Documents (available on one Compact Disk) is $15.00 and only checks or money orders are acceptable and shall be made payable to: Miami-Dade County Seaport Department. To purchase a set of bid documents, please bring photo ID and a business card, contractor's license, or company letterhead authorizing you to purchase the bid documents.

Requests for Information: All requests for clarification of an RPQ must be submitted in writing no less than eight (8) working days before the RPQ submittal date and time. Written communications may be in the form of an e-mail addressed to Gyselle Pino at with a copy to the Clerk of the Board at

Additional Insurance Requirements: Please refer to Section 3 of the Special Provisions in the Bid Documents.

Instructions: A government-issued photo ID (i.e., Driver’s License, Identification Card, Passport, etc.) is required to attend the site visit. Proposed Bidders attending the site visit must submit the information below to, a minimum of 24 hours before the pre-bid meeting:

  • Name of individual attending the site visit as shown on their current driver’s license
  • Driver’s license number & state issued.

Failure of a bidder to attend and sign the attendance sheet at a mandatory Pre-Bid Conference/Site Visit will result in the Contractor’s bid being rejected. If the bidder does not arrive on time for the Pre-Bid Conference/Site Visit, there is no guarantee that he/she will be allowed to attend.

Contractor must refer to the Request for Price Quotation (RPQ) for the detail Scope of Work and additional information.

For additional information please see the link below:

RPQ Bid Due Date: May 7, 2018 @ 2:00 PM - (MANDATORY Pre-Bid and Site Meeting @ 10:00 AM – 04/17/2018 @ 1007 n. America Way, 5th Floor, PortMiami Conference Room, Miami, FL 33132) – Contact: Frank Ramirez at (305) 347-5508.