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2011 AAPA Information Technology Award Winner

Port of Long Beach
"Local and Remote Disaster Recovery Sites Project"

The Port of Long Beach’s Local and Remote Disaster Recovery Sites project was created to ensure rapid data recovery in the event of anything from an isolated incident to a major disaster, guaranteeing the port's automated business systems will continue to operate unaffected.  Prior to implementing the project, data storage and retrieval was maintained solely through the use of server backup tapes housed in a third-party offsite location.  That method did not protect and restore data in a timely and reliable manner.  The offsite servers could not keep pace with the rapid changes in technology nor accommodate the increasing storage demands.

In devising its disaster recovery plan, the Port of Long Beach’s infor­mation management team recognized the opportunity to strengthen the port’s efforts to withstand disasters by developing and implemen­ing a reliable, highly accessible, and cost effective system that can recover data with minimal to no downtime.  The IT team achieved its solution by analyzing the demands of the business, studying the industry’s best practices, and applying state-of-the-art methodology and technology.  This resulted in an innovative project in which the port’s automated business systems will continue to operate unaffected and critical business data and systems will be readily available for “business as usual” despite any disrupting event.

The Local and Remote Disaster Recovery Sites project is also highly transferable to other ports, locally and globally.

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