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Port Security Grant Program

The Port Security Grant Program (PSGP) continues to be very valuable for U.S. ports, which serve as partners with the Department of Homeland Security to harden security and protect our homeland.

AAPA continues to urge Conress to increase the authorization and appropriation levels for the program back to where they once were, at $400 million. AAPA is concerned that recent dramatic cuts to FEMA non-disaster grant program funding, including the PSGP, will threaten the ability of our nation to maintain our current level of security or expand upon it.

AAPA belives that all ports should continue to be eligible for these grants, which serve as aids in protecting this country from terrorist and other criminal attacks. Further, grant funding for port security should be a separate line item and controlled at the federal level.

Instructions and guidelines for FEMA's grant programs are available on the Grant Programs Directorate Information Bulletins webpage. Contact the Grants Management Division HELP Desk at or 866-927-5646 for additional support.

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