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Catherine McGrail
Port of Halifax

Port of Halifax Cruise Growth Strategy & Shore Power Technology

The objective of the project was to develop and implement strategic business initiatives to address the potential negative impact of new environmental regulations on regional cruise growth in Halifax and the Atlantic Canada region. The goal was to retain and grow the cruise business at the Port of Halifax. This report outlines the business strategies implemented, including the evaluation of marine shore power technology, to mitigate the impact of the proposed regulations. The project report provides an overview of the Port of Halifax's approach to the new environmental regulations, as well as strategic initiatives with industry stakeholders and government. The primary focus of the project is to outline the feasibility assessment for marine shore power technology solutions and provide a recommendation regarding installation of a system at the port of Halifax. A key initiative included a best practice mission to three ports with shore power systems for cruise ships to meet with port and cruise line representatives to understand the overall benefits of each system. The mission provided an opportunity to assess the different shore power designs and operational models and identify key findings from each of the ports and cruise lines. The report provides an overall recommendation on the appropriate system for the Port of Halifax.

Read Paper , PDF format — 8000KB