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2013 AAPA Cruise Seminar

April 24, 2013
San Francisco, CA

The cruise industry continues to grow as cruise lines expand their itineraries and look for and establish new ports of call. Those in the industry, port managers and marketers alike, must stay abreast of the current trends. AAPA's cruise seminar is the place to hear about: •Cruise Line Executive Panel - The State of the Cruise Industry •Regional Cruising •Itinerary Planning and Destination Management •Challenges in Dealing with Crime and Safety Concerns •Sustainability Issues and Cruising •Lowering Ship Emissions •Improvements to Cruise Facilities Design •Financing Cruise Terminal Development •Port Congestion •Increasing Revenues from Cruise Facilities This seminar is a PPM® Elective.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Kurt J. Nagle, President, American Association of Port Authorities
  • Armando Duarte-Peláez, Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta S.A., Chairman of the Board, AAPA
  • Gary LaGrange, President and CEO, Port of New Orleans
  • Monique Moyer, Executive Director, Port of San Francisco

The State of the Cruise Industry


  • Gary LaGrange, President and CEO, Port of New Orleans; Chairman, AAPA Cruise Committee


  • John Tercek, Vice President of New Business Development, Royal Caribbean International
  • Gregg Michel, President, Crystal Cruises
  • Stein Kruse, President and Chief Executive Oficer, Holland America Line Inc.
  • Dean Brown, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services, Princess Cruises

Keynote Address


  • Juan José Martin Pacheco, Director General, Tourism Product Development, Secretariat for Tourism -- SECTUR, Mexico

Regional Cruising and Tourism -- Part I


  • Cathy McGrail, Manager, Cruise Development, Halifax Port Authority


  • Paul Hurlston, Port Director, Port Authority of the Cayman Islands
  • Betty MacMillan, Manager, Business Development, Saint John Port Authority, Canada
  • Giora Israel, Senior Vice President, Global Port and Destination Development, Carnival Corp.
  • Greg Wirtz, President, NorthWest & Canada Cruise Association

Regional Cruising -- Part 2: Cruising to Mexico and South America -- Challenges and Opportunities

Discussion Leader

  • Brandy Christian, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Port of San Diego


  • Cdr. Marcos A. Nicocia, Presidente, Administración Portuaria Puerto Madryn, Argentina
  • Carlos Torres de Navarra, Vice President, Commercial Port Operations, Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Eduardo Gonzáles Cid, Presidente, Asociación Mexicana de Empresas para la Atención de Cruceros Turísticos -- AMEPAC

MARPOL ANNEX VI -- Emission Control Area Regulations and the Impact on United States and Canadian Cruising


  • Andrew Dixon, Senior Vice President, Planning and Development, Saint John Port Authority, Canada


  • Tom Dow, Vice President, Public Affairs, Carnival Corp.
  • Michael T. McNamara, Associate Vice President, Energy Management, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
  • Bud Darr, Vice President of Technical and Regulatory Affairs, CLIA
  • Matt Haber, Senior Advisor, Air Enforcement Division, EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
  • Sean Rogers, Director, Environmental Policy Analysis and Evaluation, Transport Canada

Itinerary Planning and Destination Management


  • Kevin T. Lynskey, Assistant Port Director, Business Initiatives, PortMiami


Cruise Facility Design, Processing, Safety and Security


  • Steve Cernak, Chief Executive/Port Director, Port Everglades


  • Anders G. Frick, President, FMT Aircraft Gate Support Systems
  • John Walsh, Interim CEO, Canaveral Port Authority
  • Jim Rowe, Project Manager, San Francisco and New York City EDC, Cruise Terminal Projects B&M, Bermello, Ajamil & Partners, Inc.
  • Remco Buis, Director, Commercial Home Port Operations, Carnival Cruise Lines

Shore Power


  • Jay Ach, Manager of Regulatory & Environmental Affairs, Port of San Francisco


  • Carmen Ortega, Manager, Cruise, Port Metro Vancouver
  • Tom M. Dow, Vice President, Public Affairs, Carnival Corporation
  • George Malec, Vice President, Business Development and Operations, Halifax Port Authority
  • Mike Watts, Vice President Cochran Marine, Cochran, Inc.
  • Wilkin Mes, Manager, Long Beach Cruise Terminal, Carnival Cruise Lines

Multi-Use of Cruise Terminals and Financing

Moderator and Speaker

  • Nick Billows, Deputy Port Director, Sales and Marketing, Cruiseport Boston


  • Luis Ajamil, President and CEO, Bermello, Ajamil & Partners, Inc.
  • Nancy Houley, Cruise Market Director, Quebec Port Authority
  • Lori Baer, Marine South Region Market Lead, AECOM
  • Andrew Dixon, Senior Vice President, Planning and Development, Saint John Port Authority