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2007 AAPA Latin American and Caribbean Executive Management Conference

February 12, 2007
Miami, Florida

Latin PPM® Required Learn about the key issues relevant to port professionals in the Caribbean and Latin America at this growing hemispheric conference. Topics will address port security, privatization, updates on the Panama Canal, and port operating strategies. A significant portion of the program will focus on dredging and navigation issues.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Kurt Nagle, President & CEO, American Association of Port Authorities
  • Agustín Díaz, Managing Director, Curaçao Ports Authority, Chairman, Latin-American Delegation & Cruise Committee, NETHERLANDS-ANTILLES
  • Capt. Anthony Allens, Port Controller, Nassau Port Authority, BAHAMAS
  • Bill Johnson, Port Director, Port of Miami

Concurrent Session

  • Latin American Delegation Meeting
  • Caribbean Delegation Meeting

Macroeconomic Situation

Industry Trends: How Will Your Port Be Impacted?

Transportation Logistics and Infrastructure

How can Latin American and Caribbean Countries Successfully Address the Challenge of Globalization?

  • Ramón Torres Morales, Executive Director, Port of the Americas
  • Richard Wainio, Port Director & CEO, Tampa Port Authority

Public-Private Partnerships

Public and Private Sector: Working Cooperatively

  • Fernando Fialho, Executive Director, Asociación Nacional de Trasporte Fluvial, BRAZIL
  • Wilen Manteli, President, Brazilian Association of Port Terminals (ABTP), BRAZIL

Board-Management Relationship

Effective Relationship between the Board of Directors and Management: A Must for Port Success

Effective Leadership in the Port Environment

How to Build Personal Effectiveness and Influence

  • Kevin Nourse, Principal, Leap Advocates
  • Gary LaGrange, President and CEO, Port of New OrleansEnhancing Productivity as Means to

Operational Strategies & Marketing Your Port

Enhancing Productivity as Means to Expand the Capacity of Your Port and How to Maximize Your Port’s Potential by Taking Advantage of Market Niches

  • James Walsh, Director of Operations, Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, President, AAPA Operations Committee
  • Giovanni Benedetti R., Marketing Director, Regional Port Society of Cartagena, COLOMBIA

Trends in Port Finance

Value-Added Economy# (EVA) and Balanced Scorecard (BSC) as Tools for Wise Financial Decisions

  • Raúl Arenas Consuegra, Financial Director & Corporate Administrator, Port Society of Santa Marta, COLOMBIA
  • William Reid, Partner, Elevate Consulting

Strategic Planning Workshop

Resolving Port Challenges Through Strategic Management

  • Raymond Byl, Regional Director, Trainmar Americas, GUADELOUPE