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2008 Facilities Engineering Award Winner

Jacksonville Port Authority
Rebuild of Berth 3

Talleyrand Marine Terminal

In 2004, as a result of some large storms and the appearance of a series of sinkholes in the pavement of Berth 3, Talleyrand Marine Terminal, a significant safety risk threatened a client's automobile import operation. Jacksonville Port Authority decided to commence plans to resolve a situation that threatened a tenant's ability to grow and flourish.

JAXPORT, working with its tenant and consultants, was able to completely rehabilitate the berth while allowing the tenant to continue its operations, avoiding complete demolition of the 40 year old structure. Ship ramp locations were key to the planning. The solution maximized use of the existing structure, thus reducing cost and minimizing disruption of daily tenant operations.

This project used innovative design, careful consideration of construction sequence, staff cooperation and the trust of a valued tenant.