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AAPA Structure & Funding


AAPA is governed by a 50-plus member Board of Directors consisting of elected representatives of the Corporate membership from each of the AAPA port regions. The Board generally meets twice a year, during the Spring Conference in Washington, D.C. and at the fall Annual Convention.

Association Corporate members are organized into four delegations: Caribbean, U.S., Canadian, and Latin American. Each delegation is headed by a Chairman, Chairman-Elect and a Vice Chairman. At the annual Spring Conference, the Board of Directors elects a Chairman of the Board for the upcoming activity year (which begins in the fall) from among the Chairmen-Elect of the four delegations.

Policy guidance to AAPA's Board of Directors is provided by the Executive Committee which consists of representatives from each of AAPA's ten regions and the U.S. Legislative Policy Council. Additional policy guidance is provided by the Projects and Publications Committee and the Latin American Coordinating Committee.

In addition, 11 Technical Committees help to set policy, participate in planning annual education and training programs, and guide the Association staff in other issues. The committees include: Cruise, Defense, Facilities Engineering, Finance, Harbors and Navigation, Environment, Information Technology, Law Review, Maritime Economic Development, Public Relations, and Security.


The Association has an annual budget of $2.8 million. More than one-third of the annual budget comes from non-corporate dues revenues from: Industry Solution Provider/Associate Dues, education and training program revenues, convention/exhibition revenues, the annual directory and other miscellaneous sources.