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News Release
FOR RELEASE - July 21, 2010
Contact: Aaron Ellis,

American Association of Port Authorities
Phone: (202) 792-4033

24 Seaports To Receive 74 Honors In AAPA's 2010 Awards Programs

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), a trade group representing leading port authorities throughout the Western Hemisphere, has selected 24 seaports to be recognized for exemplary projects, programs and initiatives at its annual awards program event this fall. The awards, for achievements in environmental improvement, information technology, facilities engineering and communications, will be presented to winning ports at a Sept. 22 luncheon in conjunction with AAPA's 99th Annual Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (, which runs Sept. 19-23.

AAPA Chairman of the Board Mike Leone (who is also port director of the Massachusetts Port Authority in Boston) and AAPA President Kurt Nagle will present recognition awards to representatives of:

  • the Port of Tacoma, winner of this year's Environmental Enhancement award for the Port of Tacoma Demolition Program, which resulted in the port and its tenants recovering or recycling 7,071 tons of material from 57 structures being removed from the Blair-Hylebos Peninsula and surrounding Tacoma Tideflats area to make way for remediation and planned terminal, road and rail development;
  • the Port of Seattle, winner of this year's Comprehensive Environmental Management award for its Environmental Compliance Assessment Program, which the port implemented in 2009 to evaluate and assist with tenant environmental compliance to better meet high public expectations and stringent compliance regulations for environmental quality; and an Honorable Mention in the same category to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for their joint Water Resources Action Plan, which is a pioneering water quality initiative that is enabling the two Southern California seaports to get a head start on complying with stricter regulatory standards and lay out a groundwork for a successful water improvement strategy;
  • the Maryland Port Administration, winner of AAPA's 2010 Environmental Mitigation award for a compensatory mitigation program that provides replacements for habitat lost resulting from developing its Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility, including restoration of a Baltimore City designated Habitat Protection Area adjacent to the containment facility, and design and construction of the Masonville Cove Environmental Education center to improve community access to, and education and recreation opportunities with, Masonville Cove natural areas; and an Honorable Mention in the same category to the Port of Tacoma for its Gog-le-hi-te II Habitat Action Project, which is a $10,750,000 mitigation endeavor to develop new juvenile salmon habitat as the port actively prepares for future maritime industrial growth and creation of new, family-wage jobs;
  • the Port of Port Arthur (Texas), winner of this year's Stakeholder Awareness, Education and Involvement award, for its "Camp SeaPort Community Involvement Program," which is an education platform that brings together the maritime industry, local youth and schools by giving students opportunities to tour marine facilities and jobsites, and learn about coastal resource management aboard a waterborne classroom;
  • the Port of Miami, co-winner of the 2010 AAPA Information Technology Awards competition for its Radar/AIS (Automatic Identification System) Waterside Surveillance System, which provides an automated, real-time, situational awareness solution to assist seaport security officers in detecting, identifying, tracking and graphically displaying all stationary and moving targets in the waterways surrounding the port; and the Port of Los Angeles, also winning in the same category for its Enterprise Geographic Information System Project, which is a $1.9 million undertaking that integrates legacy and modern GIS systems, static and dynamic data, and multiple platforms that consolidate multiple divisional efforts and overcomes significant organizational challenges within the 7,500+ acre port complex;
  • the Port of Long Beach, co-winner of the 8th Annual Facilities Engineering Awards competition for its $73-million environmental cleanup of a 123-acre Port of Long Beach property known as Pier A West, which had been severely impacted by decades of oil production and use as a permitted disposal area for oil field-related waste before the site was acquired by the port; and the Maryland Port Administration, a co-winner for its $123 million Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility project, which is a 141-acre area within Baltimore Harbor constructed to confine an estimated 15.4 million cubic yards of material from new navigation deepening and maintenance dredging through 2030; and,
  • the Port of Los Angeles, winner of the 2010 Dan Maynard Communications Award for Overall Excellence, which is bestowed on the port earning the most award points in AAPA's Communications Awards Program competition. This is the third time the Port of Los Angeles has won this prestigious award.

In addition to the above honors, 21 ports will receive recognition for a total of 63 winning entries in AAPA's 43rd annual Communications Awards Program.  Fourteen Award of Excellence plaques and 30 Award of Merit and 19 Honorable Mention certificates will be distributed during the convention to the winning ports in the communications competition.  They are:

Advertising - Series

Award of Excellence
Port of Benton (Wash.) - 50th Anniversary advertising series
Port of Long Beach - Clean Trucks Program advertising campaign
Port of Vancouver USA - Fortune Magazine wrap program

Award of Merit
Port of Corpus Christi Authority - "More Than You Can Sea" advertising series
Port of Los Angeles  - "The LA Advantage!" advertising series
Port of San Diego - "This is a Good Day" Orbitz advertisement series

 Advertising - Single

Award of Merit
Port of Los Angeles - "3 Million and Counting" economic impacts advertisement 
Port of San Diego - "This is a Good Day" Orbitz advertisement

Annual Reports

Award of Excellence
Georgia Ports Authority - FY2009 Annual Report: Poised for Recovery
Port of Seattle - Environmental Annual Report 2009-2010

Award of Merit
Georgia Ports Authority - FY2008 Annual Report: Georgia's Ports for Georgia's People
Port of San Diego - 2008 Annual Report
Port of Seattle - Annual Report to the Community 2008-09    

Honorable Mention
Port of Long Beach - Annual Report 2008: Investing in the Future

Audio Only

Award of Excellence
Port of Los Angeles - "Steppin' Back in Time" historical audio tour


Award of Merit
Ports of Indiana - 2009 Indiana Logistics Directory
Port Manatee - Port Manatee Directory

Honorable Mention
Port Everglades - 2010 Cruise Guide


Award of Excellence
Port of Los Angeles - "New Logo" branding program
Port of Los Angeles - 2010 Mariner's Guide
Port of Los Angeles - The TransPORTer mobile education exhibit
Port of Tacoma - Web streaming and port transparency program

Award of Merit
Port of Los Angeles
- "12 Days at the Port of Los Angeles" electronic holiday card
North Carolina State Ports Authority - Annual holiday calendar customer relations tactic
Port of Vancouver USA - Digital holiday card

Honorable Mention
Port of Los Angeles - "JobsPORTfolio" brochure

Overall Campaign

Award of Merit
Georgia Ports Authority - GPA's Safety Campaign FY2009-2010
Port Everglades - Cruise Terminal 18 expansion campaign

Honorable Mention
Port of Everett - "Communications Guide"
Halifax Port Authority - "Business Strategy & Mercator Report Findings"
Port of Long Beach - "Clean Trucks Program" communications campaign
Port of San Diego - "This is a Good Day on the Big Bay" business stimulus campaign
Port of San Diego - "Cruise San Diego"
South Carolina State Ports Authority - "Pledge for Growth: The Port of Charleston's
     Commitment to a Healthy Environment"


Award of Excellence
Port of Long Beach - Re:Port community newsletter
Duluth Seaway Port Authority - North Star Port magazine

Award of Merit
Georgia Ports Authority - Great People in Action: A magazine for and about Georgia
     Ports Authority Employees

Georgia Ports Authority - AnchorAge magazine
Port of Houston Authority - The Port of Houston Magazine
Ports of Indiana - Portside Magazine
Port Manatee - Deepwater newsletter
Port of New Orleans - New Orleans Port Record magazine

Honorable Mention
Philadelphia Regional Port Authority - PortWatch magazine

Promotional/Advocacy Material

Award of Merit
Port of Everett - "Environmental Stewardship" brochure

Honorable Mention
Georgia Ports Authority - Fiscal Year 2011 State Budget Request
Port of Everett - "Economic Impacts" brochure

Social/Web-Based Media

Award of Merit
Port of Los Angeles - LA Waterfront Update e-newsletter

Honorable Mention
Port of Los Angeles - Facebook page

Special Events

Award of Merit
Port of Everett - "Working Waterfront Harbor Tours"
Port of Tacoma - "Annual Port Breakfast"

Honorable Mention
Port of Long Beach - "Green Port Fest"
Port of Los Angeles - "Cars & Stripes Forever!"
Port of Los Angeles - "12th Annual Lobster Festival"


Award of Excellence
Georgia Ports Authority - "Safety First and Always"

Award of Merit
North Carolina State Ports Authority - Economic development video

Honorable Mention
Port of Oakland - "Driving the Northern California Economy"

Web Sites

Award of Excellence
Ports of Indiana - corporate Web site

Award of Merit
Port Manatee - corporate Web site
North Carolina State Ports Authority -, about near-port,
     shovel-ready distribution sites
Port of San Diego - destination-marketing Web site
Port of Seattle - Compass employee Intranet site

Honorable Mention
Port of Benton - recreation park microsite
Halifax Port Authority - corporate Web site

For a historical list of winners in previous AAPA awards programs, click on /Programs/content.cfm?ItemNumber=691&navItemNumber=517

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