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Past TIGER Grant Recipients


TIGER VIII - FY16 Grant Recipients

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox announced on July 29, 2016, 40 awards totaling nearly $500 million in funding for the FY 2016 Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) grants. Of the 585 applications submitted totaling $9.3 billion in requests, six awards totaling $61.8 million – or about 12.36 percent of the total funding – are going to commercial seaports or projects that directly aid the efficient movement of goods to and from America’s ports. Port applications totaled 9 percent, or 53 of the total 585 submitted.

The six projects receiving awards in TIGER VIII that directly aid the movement of goods through U.S. commercial ports are:

  • $17.63 Million - Albany Port District Commission New York ‒ ExPORT Upstate New York thru Port of Albany Maritime Improvements: The grant supports maritime infrastructure improvements at the Port of Albany to enhance project cargo handling capabilities. Specifically, the project reconstructs the wharf with roll-on/roll-off capacity, replaces a warehouse, reconstructs a cargo storage area, and rebuilds a port roadway.
  • $10.67 Million - Gordon A. Finch Terminal Improvements ‒ Virgin Islands Port Authority: The grant will renovate and reconstruct a roll-on/roll-off dock, make waterside improvements to increase berthing capacity, construct an approximately 19,000 square foot multi-use facility for cargo storage and administrative activities, and implement security enhancements on the south side of St. Croix.
  • $10 Million - Port of Everett ‒ South Terminal Modernization Project, Port of Everett Washington: This grant modernizes the Port of Everett South Terminal. The project includes strengthening more than 500 feet of dock, creating a modern berth capable of handling roll-on/roll-off and intermodal cargo, and upgrading high voltage power systems. The project will also construct rail sidings to increase on-site rail car storage.
  • $10 Million - Rehabilitation of "H" Wharf Port Authority of Guam: The grant will reconstruct and expand a wharf built in 1948, including a new sheet pile bulkhead retaining wall and upgrades to an access road. The project also includes demolition of surface facilities and construction of additional structural components.
  • $7.33 Million - Portland Marine Terminal Freight and Jobs Access Project ‒ Port of Portland, Oregon: The grant constructs a grade separation over a busy marine terminal rail lead and constructs road, intersection, and multimodal improvements to increase access and connectivity between the port and the National Highway System. The project includes a realignment of the North Rivergate Blvd. and North Lombard St. intersection to better accommodate turning trucks.
  • $6.19 million - Little Rock Port Authority Growth Initiative - Little Rock Port Authority, Arkansas: The grant constructs improvements to the slack water harbor area, including a new dock with direct dock to-rail capability; and adds rail storage.


TIGER VII - FY15 Grant Recipients

U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Anthony Foxx announced 39 Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) projects, totaling $500 million, which include five port projects.

  • $12.3 MillionPort of Hueneme Intermodal Improvement Project – improve the intermodal infrastructure at the Port of Hueneme, including deepening Berths 1 and 2, strengthening Wharf 1, modernizing cargo handling infrastructure and extending on-dock rail.
  • $10 MillionSan Diego Unified Port District – modernize the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal by removing obsolete transit sheds and constructing a new laydown area for temporary equipment storage with on-dock rail improvements.
  • $10 millionPorts of Indiana – construct a double rail loop and rail-to-barge transfer facility with additional rail and turnouts. The project also includes construction of a nearly mile-long rail siding extension that will allow rail carriers to deliver a 90-car unit train to the port. The project will also construct a truck-to-rail intermodal facility in the vicinity of Connector Road to accommodate increasing truck traffic expected from the East End Bridge over the Ohio River.
  • $10 MillionCity of Baltimore Southeast Baltimore Port Industry Freight Corridor Plan – improve the Broening Highway freight corridor to better, and more safely, connect the Port of Baltimore to the regional and national road network.
  • $2 MillionPort of Newport – construct an international deep water marine terminal with intermodal (marine/river/highway) access.
  • $10 millionWashington State Department of Transportation – replace the aging and seismically deficient terminal and relocate a new, integrated, multimodal facility east to a vacant brownfield. The new terminal will feature safer and more direct boarding options and improved transit connections. The project also restores Puget Sound waterfront at the brownfield.

Since TIGER’s inception in 2009, TIGER has awarded $4.7 billion in seven rounds. Of that amount, ports have received $533.5 million, or 11.35 percent, of the funding total, while submitting slightly more than eight percent of the total applications since 2009.


TIGER VI - FY14 Grant Recipients

USDOT Secretary Foxx released the full list of FY 2014 TIGER recipients on September 12, 2014. Seventy-two projects, totaling $584 million (after administration costs) were funded.

Eight port projects received awards totaling more than $75 million, equaling 12.9 percent of the total. Adding in the six freight-related projects totaling nearly $61 million; the total of port and freight-related projects accounted for more than 23 percent of the $584 million available. AAPA has advocated for a 25 percent share to ports of the TIGER grant distributions.

More information may be found on the USDOT TIGER website.

TIGER grant winning maritime projects directly benefiting AAPA members include:

  • Terminal 46 (T46) Modernization Project for $20,000,000 – Port of Seattle -- TIGER grant will be used to construct six elements for the Port of Seattle: 1. Rehabilitate deteriorated berth pile caps and dock deck panels; 2. construct a storm water system to treat terminal runoff; 3. pave 435,000 square yards of terminal area and install new lighting controls; 4. increase load capacity and extend crane rail at dock; 5. construct new road to grade-separate truck traffic from rail yard; 6. provide public amenities to access 13.8 acres of habitat around the terminal site.
  • Norfolk International Terminals for $15,000,000 – Virginia Port Authority -- TIGER grant will help fund the final piece needed to connect the Norfolk port directly to I-564, and to significantly reduce truck traffic from transiting through neighboring residential streets. It includes construction of a dedicated highway on/off ramp, a service gate for terminal personnel and redevelopment of eight acres of brownfield land for container storage. The current terminal truck gates are inadequate for today’s freight volumes, and trucks travelling to/from the terminal bisect neighborhoods, adding to congestion.
  • Port Newark Container Terminal Access Improvement and Expansion Project for $14,800,000 – County of Essex, New Jersey -- This project will demolish both dry and refrigerated warehouses and gate facilities, then pave all areas and construct new gates that include truck comfort and service stations at the Port of Newark. This will improve traffic flows in and out of the port gates and improve the driver experience when using the port by combining modern facilities with technology innovations, and will significantly update the storage capacity of the Port Newark Terminal for containerized goods. As the port was impacted by Superstorm Sandy, the project will consider options to accommodate future sea level rise.
  • Rehabilitation of Wando Welch Terminal for $10,840,000 – South Carolina State Ports Authority -- TIGER grant will pay for structural repairs of damaged piles at Wando Welch Terminal Wharf, which will address structural deficiencies and improve operations at the Wharf. Rehabilitating the Wando Welch terminal with items that include improving the berth and under the wharf for stability and upgrading the waterside and landside crane rails, beams and support pilings will allow for large vessels and increased capacity. The terminal was originally designed for 4,500 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) vessels but larger TEU 9,200 vessels have caused structural damage.
  • BT1 Infrastructure Expansion Project for $10,000,000 – Lake Charles (TX) Harbor and Terminal -- TIGER funds will be used to construct a new bulkhead, develop additional vessel berthing, build a barge fleeting area, and institute bulk handling improvements, as well the dredging necessary to support the improvements. The berth expansion will enable the port to meet increased demand at Bulk Terminal 1 (BT1) necessary for the operation of a new clean energy plant. The new berths include a dry bulk dock that is approximately 800 feet long, which will provide new capacity to handle the offloading of approximately 2.4 million tons of dry bulk freight annually. Additionally, a liquid dock will be constructed to load 1.6 million combined tons of bulk products annually. Lastly, a lay berth will be constructed to provide a “parking spot” for vessels waiting to be loaded with liquids or offloaded with dry bulk cargoes. Finally, the barge fleeting area to be located south of the existing BT1 facility will provide the capacity to berth 12 barges, a system which will create an efficient and reliable transportation model allowing a greater rate of effective berth time at the docks.
  • Seward Marine Terminal Expansion Planning Project for $2,500,000 – Alaska Railroad Corporation -- TIGER grant will be used to develop a master plan for Alaska Railroad Corporation’s Seward port facilities, including conceptual/preliminary design of the port and upland support facilities and future west passenger dock replacement. It includes a passenger traffic study, freight traffic study, transportation connectivity study, master plan, and infrastructure improvement cost estimates.
  • Oil Spill Response Access Dock Phase II for the Makah Tribe for $1,101,904 – Makah Indian Tribe (WA) -- TIGER funded project plan will enhance safety and competitiveness in an economically distressed tribal community. The US Coast Guard requires the Makah Tribe to develop an emergency response facility. This project will aid the planning and design for a dock that will be used for oil spill prevention, a safe harbor and emergency response base of operations for a remote area that has experienced an emergency callout every three to four months since 1999.

Examples of other freight and port-related infrastructure projects receiving TIGER VI grants include:

  • Hanover Street Bridge Plan for $1,100,000 – City of Baltimore (MD), to create a corridor plan to identify feasible methods of rehabilitating or replacing the Hanover Street Bridge, a nearly 100-year-old bridge that connects the City of Baltimore to the Port of Baltimore.
  • The New England Central Railroad Freight Rail Project for $8,183,563 – Connecticut Department of Transportation, to complete state of good repair improvements and upgrade of rail and track infrastructure to accommodate national standard 286,000-pound gross weight rail freight cars on the 55 miles of track running through the municipalities of New London, Waterford, Montville, Norwich, Franklin, Lebanon, Windham, Mansfield, Willington and Stafford, in eastern Connecticut.
  • Long Bridge National Environmental Policy Act for $2,800,000 – District of Columbia Department of Transportation, to prepare for the long term replacement of the CSX-owned Long Bridge over the Potomac River.
  • The Northeastern NC Rail Improvement Project for $5,800,000 – North Carolina Department of Transportation, to rehabilitate portions of a 52-mile rail corridor to allow for the operation of 286,000-pound rail cars along its length, including installation of new rail, rehabilitation of four highway grade crossings, and roadbed resurfacing.
  • Sarah Mildred Long Bridge Project for $25,000,000 – Maine Department of Transportation, to help fund replacement of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge between Maine and New Hampshire.

March 25th – Ports and TIGER: Strengths and Weakness for Capital and Planning Applications

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TIGER V- FY13 Grant Recipients

Grant winning projects directly benefitting AAPA members include:

  • Jackson County Port Authority - Port of Pascagoula Intermodal Improvement for $14,000,000 – “to upgrade the rail connection at the Port of Pascagoula Bayou Harbor to make the transportation of goods in and out of the Port more efficient.”
  • Diamond State Port Corporation - Rehabilitation of Wharf Unit 1 (Berths 5/6) for $10,000,000 – “to rehabilitate a wharf which serves 2 berths at the Port of Wilmington that is currently in a state of disrepair.”
  • Duluth Seaway Port Authority - Port of Duluth Intermodal for $10,000,000 – “to rebuild and expand a 28-acre general cargo dock at the Port of Duluth-Superior and connect the site to existing road and rail infrastructure.”
  • Port of Houston Authority - Port of Houston: Bayport Wharf for $10,000,000 – to “extend the Bayport Terminal’s wharf from 3300 feet to 4000. The wharf will provide a stable platform against which container ships can be moored and support cranes that load/unload containers and the trucks which handle the container movement on port property.”
  • Maryland Port Administration - Port of Baltimore Enhancements for $10,000,000 – “to expand the handling capacity at the Fairfield Marine Terminal at the Port of Baltimore by filling in the obsolete West Basin. The project also includes the construction of a rail intermodal facility to handle expanded automotive export and imports.”

Other port-related projects receiving grants included:

  • Florida DOT - South Florida Freight & Passenger Rail Enhancement for $13,750,000 
  • Virginia Department of Transportation – Delta Frame Bridge for $11,957,984
  • Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority - SEPTA-CSX Separation Project for $10,000,000 
  • Eastport Port Authority - Eastport Breakwater Replacement for $6,000,000 
  • Port of Tucson – Container Export Rail Facility for $5,000,000
  • Port of Garibaldi - Port of Garibaldi Wharf Revitalization for $1,474,761 
  • Port of Oswego Authority - Port of Oswego: East Terminal Intermodal Connector for $1,527,000

Previous Rounds of TIGER Funding: