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Hugh W. McConnell
Caddo-Bossier Parishes Port Commission

Port Operations: A Tool for Economic Development

Prepared is a case study of an emerging river port in Northwest Louisiana which, for the sake of economic development, chose to take control of its stevedoring operation when there was not enough business to sustain a third party stevedore. It subsequently took control of its intra-port rail operations. The Port knew that, in order to become established and grow its tenant base, it would be vitally important to provide efficient and costeffectiveconnectingservices.These services are performed by a small team of cross-trained government employees. The paper documents the 15-year evolution of port operations detailing the three categories of stevedoring general cargo, railroad operations and complex maintenance. It will also document the unexpected growth of its rail tonnage and revenue. It also details the Port's organizational structure, including its pros and cons.

Read Paper , PDF format — 6000KB