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Natacha Yacinthe
Broward County Port Everglades

The Seaport Planning Activities of American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) Member Seaports

Planning is an essential process for public organizations. Seaport planning is both complex and significant for the communities they serve. This proposed research provides a much-needed window on the characteristics of specialized seaport planning departments and the type of funding sources utilized to implement Master/Vision Planning projects. A Master Plan is a comprehensive, long-range plan intended to guide growth and development of a community or region and it can also be specific to the development of a seaport. Surveys of American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) member seaports were conducted from May 25, 2013 to October 25, 2013. Survey participants consisted of the 80 AAPA member seaports Chief Executives/Directors or their designees. Often times whenever you hear of plans, one would assume that a planner is involved. The proposed research is designed to address several major questions: What are the characteristics of AAPA-member seaport planning departments, divisions or sections? Where are the planners within a seaport? Are planning activities located mostly in the Chief Executive/Port Director’s Office? How are the projects identified for implementation in the adopted Master Plan funded or financed? Have all AAPA-member seaports adopted a Master/Vision Plan, and, if so, how often are these Master/Vision Plans updated? Is there a relationship between planning activities occurring within the seaport and which projects are eventually implemented?

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