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Nicholas Vandenheiligenberg
Port Everglades

Professional Port Manager (AAPA/PPM®) Residency Report: Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is one of the largest and busiest ports in the world, and has given itself the nickname of “the Smartest Port in the World.” One of the ways the Port of Rotterdam has maintained its competitive advantage is by using big data and innovation to create value added services, uniting all members of the regional supply chain into one community. This residency allowed me to study some of the most technological advanced port community systems in the world, providing me with a unique perspective into how one of the most efficient ports in the world operates. As a member of Port Everglades and the AAPA/PPM® Program, I found it interesting to see how data, innovation, and technology can contribute to making a port community come together, be transparent, and become more efficient as a whole. Through my findings, I was able to identify potential opportunities and ideas that could help my current Port utilize the systems and data available to make more efficient business decisions port-wide. This was an informational experience that gave me knowledge and perspectives that will continue through my professional career.

Read Paper , PDF format — 2002KB