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Environment & Sustainability Resources

Environment Committee
The AAPA Environment Committee focuses on all aspects of the environmental impact of ports, including air quality, water quality, stormwater, contaminated sediment, sustainability and environmental management systems. The Committee facilitates the sharing of best management practices related to enhancing the coastal environment, managing environmental impact and engaging stakeholders and communities.

Environmental Improvement Awards
Since 1973 AAPA has recognized activities which benefit the environment at its ports and presented environmental awards. The Association considers four project award categories: Environmental Enhancement, Mitigation, Stakeholder Awareness, Education & Involvement and Comprehensive Environmental Management.

Green Marine
In 2014, AAPA and Green Marine signed a Memorandum of Understanding to advance the environmental sustainability of port and terminal operators, exchange memberships, establish a productive working relationship and encourage AAPA members to participate in Green Marine. Green Marine is a voluntary certification program to reduce the environmental footprint of marine operations.

EcoPorts is the main environmental initiative of the European port sector. It was initiated by a number of proactive ports in 1997 and has been fully integrated into the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) since 2011. The overarching principle of EcoPorts is to raise awareness on environmental protection through cooperation and sharing of knowledge between ports and improve environmental management.