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Environment & Sustainability Resources

2018 Energy & Environment Seminar
The Energy & Environment seminar encompassed a broad range of environmental issues and energy policy discussions of vital concern to port managers and other senior port executives. The program focused on both energy as a commodity/business line and a power source/cost-savings opportunity for ports. Topics included energy planning, LNG, resiliency, climate planning and sea level rise, sustainability reports and metrics, community engagement, transportation issues and environmental compliance.

Seaports Magazine Summer 2018: Stepping It Up
The summer 2018 issue of Seaports magazine focused on how ports how ports are stepping up their efforts to meet environmental standards. Articles include Certifications: Going Above and Beyond, and EcoPort Certification.

Severe Weather Threat Awareness Webinar
This webinar focused on how to prepare for tropical storms and hurricane season. Topics include Tropical Storm and Hurricane Season Outlook, the State of Tropical Storm Forecast Science, Best Sources of Information to Make Decisions and Prepare, Response and Recovery Plans.

Environment Committee
The AAPA Environment Committee focuses on all aspects of the environmental impact of ports, including air quality, water quality, stormwater, contaminated sediment, sustainability and environmental management systems. The Committee facilitates the sharing of best management practices related to enhancing the coastal environment, managing environmental impact and engaging stakeholders and communities.

Environmental Improvement Awards
Since 1973 AAPA has recognized activities which benefit the environment at its ports and presented environmental awards. The Association considers four project award categories: Environmental Enhancement, Mitigation, Stakeholder Awareness, Education & Involvement and Comprehensive Environmental Management.

West Coast Ports Sustainable Design and Construction Guidelines
The West Coast Ports Technical Committee's Sustainable Design and Construction Guidelines are a useful way for Project Managers to track sustainability strategies proposed and implemented across all types of projects at their port. The tool is set up to work for any port, but can be made more specific by addition of port-specific strategies. The tool is useful for Project Managers in decision-making, reporting, and recordkeeping.