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Cargo Diversification Resources

Seaports Magazine Spring 2018: Boomtown
The spring 2018 issue of Seaports magazine focused on infrastructure expansions in port facilities and how ports are finding the right mix in cargo. Articles include Ship Shape: Ports Navigate Their Niches to Find Their Areas of Expertise, Finding the Right Mix - A Latin American Port's Perspective, Business Boom: Ports Report Record-Setting 2017

2016 Cargo Optimization Seminar
AAPA’s Cargo Optimization program featured two concurrent tracks addressing both container and non-container issues pertinent to today’s ports. The Community Relations and Port Diversification track assessed diversification strategies that create more dependable and sustainable income streams.

Maritime Economic Development Committee
AAPA's Maritime Economic Development Committee focuses on facilitating exports, renewable and nonrenewable energy projects and cargoes, the needs of non-containerized cargo ports and short-sea shipping.