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2006 AAPA Port Property Management and Pricing Seminar

October 24, 2006
Chicago, Illinois

Review the specialized concerns of port directors, port planners, property development and real estate managers, marketing managers, and business and trade development managers at this seminar. Panel discussion topics will address real estate, non-cargo business, commercial and industrial property utilization, and financing, and specifically may include: intermodal transportation; setting land use priorities; facilitating capital investment; attracting economic development; port pricing realities; regional trends in port pricing; nontraditional port property development; potential benefits of port cooperation; and brownfields development opportunities and constraints.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Jean Godwin, Executive Vice President, American Association of Port Authorities, Alexandria, VA
  • Anthony Ianello, Executive Director, Illinois Int'l Port District - The Port of Chicago

Critical Port Property Management Issues

Port industry leaders discuss critical port development, pricing and management strategies.  In particular, the imperative to increase port and transportation corridor capacity in response to emerging market pressures, while facing local political, environmental and economic priorities.

Port Expansion Capacity Strategies

A discussion of options to increase capacity in critical port terminal and connecting infrastructure while focusing on physical expansion and improved land and water connectivity.  Whether you’re a major intermodal gateway or a niche operator with a regional hinterland, assuring your ability to meet future business demand is a critical strategic plan component.

  • Philip Tondreault, Director of Real Estate Division, Port of Los Angeles
  • J. Ron Popham, PPM®, Senior Director of Maritime, Port of San Diego

Private Capital for Public Ports

Public/private partnerships are being developed to meet increasing demands.  Where will private capital be directed, with what priorities and under what conditions?  In the face of increasing capital requirements, how can your port best leverage its position and assets to assure a viable capital investment program?

  • Ira Smelkinson, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Michael Bartolotta, Vice Chairman, First Southwest Company, Houston, TX
  • Eric Friedland, Senior Transportation Analyst, Financial Security Assurance, New York, NY
  • Joshua Schaff, Analyst, Moody's Investor Services, New York, NY

PPP in Property Development—Commercial Perspectives

Major private developers are responding to the marine terminal supply/demand imbalance, as well as the continuing strong values of coastal properties. 

  • Will Friedman, Vice President, Duke Realty Corporation, Indianapolis, IN
  • Anthony Chiarello, Senior Vice President, Customer Development, AMB Property Corporation, East Rutherford, NJ

The Case for Port Antitrust Immunity—Has Its Time Finally Come?

In the face of land shortages and growing demand, ports as well as their tenants and customers are exploring and implementing cooperative ventures.  Will the future hold continued cooperation as our competitive industry matures or will pride and parochialism restrict our ability to cooperatively respond to the port industry’s many external challenges?

Pricing Port Services and Facilities…A Paradigm Shift to a Seller’s Market

In the past few years, ports have witnessed clear evidence that reveals a potential “new world” in port pricing.  The market for port services and facilities has become for the first time in memory, for even industry veterans, a seller’s market.  How well are ports responding to their new found market power?  How long will it last and how should ports move forward with pricing and facility development strategies?

Public Private Partnerships in Port and Marine Terminal: Development and Operations

What does the future hold for ports in the public and private spheres?  What are their plans and their criteria?

  • Michael Huerta, Sr. Vice President & Managing Dir. TSS, ACS Transportation Solutions Inc., Washington, DC
  • Eric Russell, Director of Properties and Development, Port of Everett

Port Properties – Using Them Strategically to Maximize the Value and Competitive Position of a Port

Topics will include: The growing importance of strategically using a port’s largest asset – property; how to integrate sustainable port development into pricing and leasing policies; paying for seaport security; and, pricing and leasing in a seller’s market - trends in term, free time, empty storage, etc.

  • Franc Pigna, Managing Director, Aegir LLC, Miami Beach, FL

Port Sim Commission Meeting/Waterfront Land-Use Development Decision

Workshop participants in this session will be assigned membership in various groups, ranging from a long-shore labor union and a property developers’ association, to a wildlife conservation society and an environmental advocacy alliance.  Once assigned, participants will attempt to create partnerships and synergies with other groups having similar interests, in the hope of persuading the Board of Commis­sioners of the fictional Port of Sim City to approve their preferred plans for develop­ment of a hotly-debated waterfront property.