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2009 AAPA Marine Terminal Management Training Program

September 21, 2009
Long Beach, CA

DESCRIPTION: This seminar is a PPM® Required Program. If you are involved in marine terminal operations (container or non-container) at your port, then don't miss this 4-day intensive training course designed to give port professionals hands-on experience and the tools necessary to excel in the industry. From overviews of marine terminal design and green terminal initiatives to tools for decision-making and effective management, this seminar covers all the essentials. The seminar-hosted by AAPA, the National Association of Waterfront Employers, and the U.S. Maritime Administration-features a diverse slate of experts. The program will feature top-level maritime industry experts in a full program of panel discussions, training sessions, and workshops. Erik Stromberg, port industry veteran, will serve as faciliator and lead the seminar. Find out how your colleagues are managing today's critical port issues!

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Kurt J. Nagle, President and CEO, American Association of Port Authorities
  • J. Christopher Lytle, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Port of Long Beach

SESSION I: Critical Issues Facing Public Ports and the Marine Terminal Industry

SESSION II: Introduction to Program/Overview of Changing Patterns in Marine Terminal Ownership and Operational Control

SESSION III – Trade and Economic Trends

  • Paul Bingham, Managing Director of World Trade and Transportation Markets, IHS Global Insight

SESSION IV: The Role of Marine Terminal Operations in the Global Supply Chain

  • James Armstrong, Senior Vice President and General Manager, NYK Logistics
  • Mary Eck, Logistics Partner Manager, Americas Transportation Team HP

SESSION V: Expectations of Port Customers & Clients

SESSION VI: Surviving the Competitive Marine Terminal Industry – Economics of Marine Terminal Operations

SESSION VII: Supply Chain and Facility Security – Impacts on Port Operations

  • Javier Larios, Section Chief, Tactical Operations, Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
  • Chief Ronald J. Boyd, Los Angeles Port Police, Port of Los Angeles

SESSION VIII: “Green Initiatives” in Port Operations

With many communities and the nation at large focusing on carbon emission controls and greenhouse gas reduction in response to climate change, many ports have taken the initiative in implementing programs to reduce emissions related to the operations
of their port.  This panel features case studies of “green” operations initiatives being undertaken by several seaports including the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

SESSION IX: Environmental Management Systems

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a management tool to improve environmental performance, as well as operational efficiency and employee and stakeholder relations.  The speakers will discuss how an EMS weaves environmental decision-making into the fabric of an organization’s overall business practices, facilitating compliance while improving performance.  The panel will also focus on AAPA’s port EMS Assistance project, which has served as a vehicle for port authorities to create EMSs, some of which have gone on to receive ISO 14001 certification.


SESSION X: Modern Continuous Methods to Improve Seaport Velocity and Productivity

Modern continuous improvement methods, specifically “Lean Enterprise” techniques, provide an avenue of increasing capacity and productivity of existing resources by training and empowering employees to eliminate non-value-added activities.  This session will focus on the application and benefits of these improvement methods at seaports through case study examples.

  • Nicholas Loyd, Lean Enterprise Research Engineer, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Jeff Siniard, Research Scientist, University of Alabama in Huntsville

SESSION XI: Risk Management 360 Degrees

  • David Solis, Manager, Risk Management, Port of Corpus Christi Authority, Chairman, AAPA Risk Management and Safety Committee
  • Michael Conley, Shareholder, Anderson, Kill, Olick, P.C.

SESSION XII: Driven by IT: Innovations in Port Operations

  • Doug Albrecht, Director, Information Management, Port of Long Beach
  • Lance Kaneshiro, Chief Information Officer, Port of Los Angeles
  • Rich Baratta, Director of Risk Management, Port of Long Beach
  • John Scott, Vice President, Location & Telematics Solutions, Zebra Enterprise Solutions
  • Frank J. Mazzella, Director, Terminal Processes, APL, Ltd.
  • Michael Gerrard, Vice President & Distinguished Analyst, Gartner, Inc.

SESSION XIII: Terminal Safety Issues

SESSION XIV: Continuing Evolution of Marine Terminal Design and Container Handling

  • M. John Vickerman, Jr., Vickerman & Associates, LLC
    (for a copy of Mr. Vickerman's presentation please send your request to

SESSION XV: Trends in Terminal Design and Operations

SESSION XVI: Effective Terminal Operations: Practical Management Tips

  • Tish Lorenzana, Director of Human Resources, Port of Los Angeles
  • Trudy Sopp, Ph.D., Founder & Consulting Partner, THE CENTRE for Organization Effectiveness
  • Keren Stashower, MSW, Senior Consultant, THE CENTRE for Organization Effectiveness

SESSION XVII: Future Challenges and Strategies for the Marine Terminal Industry – An Interactive Discussion

  • Mr. Stromberg

Group Presentations