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2015 AAPA Executive Management Conference

May 4, 2015
San Diego, CA

The challenges facing port leaders today -- including trade growth, enhanced security, and competing stakeholder interests -- call forth a new level of leadership capability. Not only do port leaders need to think more strategically about the challenges they face to identify innovative solutions, they also need to be resilient in coping with and leading change. AAPA's Executive Management Conference, offered since 1969, is designed to address timely port leadership issues and trends. The program features a host of experienced port executive directors, senior line department managers, and other maritime industry professionals to share the essentials of port leadership and management.

Welcoming Remarks/Orientation

  • Kurt Nagle, President & CEO, American Association of Port Authorities, Alexandria, VA

Port Management – Part One

The Evolving Role of Ports and Port Authorities

  • Ron Brinson, PPM®, Former President & CEO, Port of New Orleans; Past President and CEO, AAPA, North Charleston, SC

Strategic Port Management

  • Tom Kornegay, P.E., PPM®, Former Executive Director, Port of Houston Authority; Past AAPA Chairman of the Board, Houston, TX

Broadening Industry Awareness – Part One

Planning for Future Transportation Realities

  • John Vickerman, President, Vickerman & Associates, LLC, Williamsburg, VA

Key Issues Impacting Ports - AAPA and Industry Priorities

  • Mr. Nagle

Team Workshops Assignment #1

Leadership Skills -- Part One

Team Reports on Assignment #1

Preparing the Port Leaders of Tomorrow

  • Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D., Former Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles; Past AAPA Chairman of the Board

Port Management -- Part Two

Management Considerations for Niche Ports

  • John Mohr, Former Executive Director, Port of Everett; Past AAPA U.S. Delegation Chairman

Leadership Skills -- Part Two

Congestion and Efficiency Challenges

  • Noel Hacegaba, Ph.D., PPM®, Managing Director of Commercial Operations/Chief Commercial Officer, Port of Long Beach; Chairman, AAPA Curriculum Committee 

Public Relations and Garnering Local Community Support

  • Jenny Windle, Director of Marketing and Communications, Port of San Diego
  • Job Nelson, Director of Government and Community Relations, Port of San Diego

Ports' Role as Environmental Stewards

Port Management -- Part Three

Leadership in Preparing for and Responding in Times of Crisis

  • Mr. Brinson

Experiences and Lessons Learned in a Port Career - An Open Forum Discussion

  • Mr. Brinson
  • Mr. Kornegay
  • Dr. Knatz
  • Mr. Mohr

Leadership Skills -- Part Three

Financial Considerations for Public Ports

  • Andrew Palomares, Chief Finance & Administration Officer, Port of Hueneme/Oxnard Harbor District; Second Vice Chair, AAPA Finance Committee

Team Workshops Assignment #2

Port Management -- Part Four

Effective Board Management Relations - A Key to Any Port's Success

Waterside Infrastructure Challenges

  • Hope Moorer, General Manager, Navigation Programs, Georgia Ports Authority; Chair, AAPA Harbors and Navigation Committee

Enhancing Maritime Economic Development In and Around Your Port

  • J. Ron Popham, PPM®, Principal, Trade Development, Port of San Diego; Former Chairman, AAPA Maritime Economic Development Committee 

Information Technology - Enhancing Productivity and Securing Againsty Cyber Attacks

  • Deborah L. Finley, Director, Business Information and Technology Services, Port of San Diego

Port Security - Evolving Threats and Best Practices in an Uncertain World

  • Randy Parsons, Director of Security, Port of Long Beach

Final Team Workshops on Assignment #2

Meeting Conclusions

Workshop Team Presentations

Key Takeaways and Open Forum

  • Mr. Brinson
  • Mr. Kornegay