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Business Development Workshop

April 3, 2019
Houston, TX

This one-day conference focusing on port business development skills training. The program featured sessions on corporate diplomacy, negotiations skills training, case studies in supply chain data sharing and blockchain, and the use of data as a marketing tool.

Corporate Diplomacy: Even in Business, It’s Personal!

Whether you frequently travel abroad to meet with overseas customers, or entertain them on your home turf, it takes special skills to successfully communicate across cultures. In this brief overview and demonstration, you’ll learn some best practices for verbal and non-verbal communication when meeting with overseas customers, prospects and dignitaries.

Deanea LeFlore, Director of Community Engagement, Partnerships, Education Station Houston, Houston, TX 77002

Negotiation Skills Training

The ability to negotiate is a required skill in today’s business arena. Whether you are dealing with customers, suppliers, employees, creditors or other stakeholders, negotiations are key. In this two-part session you will learn to identify your own conflict style, become aware of cognitive biases in negotiations, learn how to implement more effective negotiating strategies and how to avoid some common
pitfalls. Knowledge is power, and by the end of these sessions you will have the tools to enhance your negotiating prowess while maintaining valuable relationships.

Dr. Melissa Baldo, Instructor, Lamar University College of Business, Beaumont, TX

Port Case Studies in Supply Chain Data Sharing and Blockchain

Sharing data between port stakeholders and supply chain partners, and the use of blockchain technology, provides more transparent, seamless, timely, reliable and non-corruptible operations resulting in improved intermodal fluidity, efficiencies and
transparencies along the supply chain. This is sparking attention in the freight movement industry, including with ports. Hear from ports that are incorporating this technology into their supply chain logistics.

Filip Vandenbussche, Business Development & North American Port Representative, Antwerp (Belgium) Port Authority

John Moseley, Chief Commercial Officer, Port Houston
Brian Hill, Program Manager, GE Transportation, Atlanta, GA

Persuasively Packaging Data To Entice, Excite and Emote

If you’ve ever started a conversation with a client that involves use of complicated charts and spreadsheets, no matter how impressive the numbers, you’ve likely seen their eyes begin to glaze over. To use data persuasively, it must be packaged in ways that are entertaining, emotionally appealing and easily digestible. In this session, you’ll learn ways to make your data points stand out and shine as you
present your port’s value proposition and marketing narrative.

Eric Olafson, Director, Global Trade and Business Development, PortMiami

Kelsey Ruger, Senior Director, Product Experience, P97 Networks, Houston, TX
Christopher J. Moyer Sr., President & CEO, SME Solutions Group, Tampa, FL