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XVI 2007 Congress of Latin American Ports

April 23, 2007

Multi-modalism in Port Activity Beyond Road Transportation: The studies of viability maintain that road transportation is most efficient for distances of less than 300 km. Meanwhile rail transportation is most efficient for distances between 300 and 500 km and water transportation is best for distances over 500 km. However, most of the cargo in Latin America is transported by road/highway, which is less advantageous means of transportation and the deterioration of roads and highways as trucks usually transport more cargo than what they can really carry (adapted from a study about agricultural indicators by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

Official Opening Ceremony

  • Ricardo Jaime, Secretary of National Transportation, ARGENTINA
  • Jorge Obeid, Governor, Province of Santa Fé, ARGENTINA
  • Miguel Lifschitz, Mayor, Rosario, ARGENTINA
  • Juan Carlos Retamero, President, Ente Administrador Puerto Rosario  (ENAPRO)
  • Allen Domaas, President and CEO, Fraser River Port Authority, Chairman-Elect, AAPA

Opening of the Congress

  • Kurt Nagle, President and CEO, AAPA
  • Mr. Retamero
  • Armando Duarte, Board Director, Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta S.A., Vice-Chairman, AAPA Latin American Delegation

Latin American Delegation Meeting

Why Have Hydroways and Railways been Regulated in Argentina?

MERCOSUR: Advances and Deficiencies of a Waterway Region

  • Adalmir de Souza, CEO, Associação Brasileira das Entidades Portuarias, BRAZIL
  • Omar Meggiolaro, Commercial Manager, UABL, S.A.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Transportation Compared to Road Transportation

Multimodalism: The Efficient Complement of the Different Means of Transportation

The Importance of Connectivity (I): Towards Efficient Hydroways

  • Adalberto Tokarski, Manager of Development and Regulation of Inland Navigation, National Agency of Aquatic Transportation, BRAZIL
  • Juan Carlos Muñoz, President, Centro de Armadores Fluviales, PARAGUAY

The Importance of Connectivity (II): Towards Efficient Hydroways

  • Carl Heiremans, Manager, Jan de Nul Group, ARGENTINA
  • Bruce Lambert, Senior Economist, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Institute for Water Resources

The Importance of Connectivity (III): Towards Efficeint Railroads

  • José Barbero, Specialist in Transportation and Infrastructure, Latin American and Caribbean Region, Work Bank
  • Ángel González Rul, General Director, Ports of Mexico, Former President, AAPA Latin American Delegation

Bulk Management: Typical Hydroways and Railway Cargo

  • Rogelio Pontón, Director of Economic Studies, Board of Commerce for Rosario, ARGENTINA
  • David Marcano, Director of Sustainable Planning and Development, Santander Port Authority, SPAIN

Bioceanic Corridor Manta Manaos Belem Project

  • Patricio Padilla, Port Director, Port Authority of Manta, ECUADOR

What is the Challenge for Waterways and Railways in Becoming True Alternatives of Transport in Latin America?

  • Deborah Giorgi, Minister of Production, Province of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  • Roberto Ceretto, Minister of Production, Province of Sante Fe, ARGENTINA
  • Jorge Scoccia, President, Argentina Port Counsel, ARGENTINA
  • Captain Domaas
  • Mr. Nagle
  • Mr. Duarte-Peláez
  • Mr. Retamero

Conclusions and Recommendations