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2008 AAPA Partnerships in Planning and Development

February 25, 2008
San Diego, CA

This seminar is a PPM® Required Program. This unique seminar facilitates partnerships between ports, regional and local planning agencies as they work toward the common goals of economic development, transportation planning and emergency preparation and response.

Welcoming and Opening Remarks

  • Kurt Nagle, President and CEO, American Association of Port Authorities
  • Bruce Hollingsworth, President and CEO, Port of San Diego
  • Greg Johnson, Director of Business Development, Port of Greater Baton Rouge, Chair, AAPA Planning and Research Committee
  • J. Ron Popham, PPM®, Senior Director, Maritime Division, Port of San Diego, Chairman, AAPA Maritime Economic Development Committee

Part 1 -- Economic Development: Attracting Strategic Investments for Sustainability and Growth

Understanding and Working With the Players

Learn how to partner with regional and local agencies who are experienced partners, consensus builders and program managers with a proven record for administering local, state and federal funds and programs that bolster the economic vitality of a region.  The Port of San Diego and SANDAG will serve as a case study.

  • Fred Abousleman, Executive Director, National Association of Regional Councils
  • Dan E. Wilkens, Executive Vice President, Port of San Diego
  • Gary L. Gallegos, Executive Director, San Diego Assn. of Governments (SANDAG)

Attracting Strategic investments

This session will feature case studies on partnerships for economic development and financing.

Rail Infrastructure Development

  • Robin McCaffrey, P.E., Transportation Development Manager, Port of Portland

Terminal Infrastructure Development

  • Ronald M. Baker, Deputy Executive Director and CFO, Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT)

Off Port Development

  • Rose Ann DeLeón, Vice President, Strategic Development, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority

Ports as Economic Engines

A discussion and examples of how ports serve as economic engines/financiers for economic development.

  • Lawrance Paulson, Executive Director, Port of Vancouver, U.S.A.
  • Stacy B. Watson, Manager, Economic/Industrial Development, Georgia Ports Authority
  • Rick Winger, President/CEO, Savannah Economic Development Authority 

Regenerating Business

This session will feature examples of the redevelopment and reuse of existing facilities.

  • John M. Mohr, Executive Director, Port of Everett
  • Lauren Kotas Brand, PPM®, Senior Director, Tenant Development, Canaveral Port Authority
  • Joseph Cappel, Manager of Business Development, Seaport, Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority

Part 2 – Emergency Preparation and Response: Working together to make the best of difficult situations

Understanding and Working With the Players

A panel discussion outlining the local, state and federal roles in emergency situations.

  • M. David McNeel, Director of Operations, Mississippi State Port Authority at Gulfport
  • Steve Cernak, P.E., PPM®, Port Director, Port of Galveston
  • Patricia Waskowiak, Program Manager, Houston-Galveston Area Council

Part 3 – Transportation Planning and Financing: How to Partner/How to Get Your Projects Funded

Case Studies in Coordinated Emergency Response

Panelists will present case studies on effective partnerships in emergency preparation and response.

Understanding and Working With the Players

Without strong regional partnerships between the public and private sector freight partners, freight transportation productivity will not be maximized.  This session will address the role of the federal Department of Transportation (DOT), state DOTs, regional councils and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs).  The goal is to facilitate consistent coordination and communication between regional transportation planners and private sector freight partners in the port industry.


Tutorial on the Financing Process

Where does the money come from and who controls it?  Learn about the Federal-Aid Highway Program, the operation of the Highway Trust Fund, and how metropolitan planning organizations make financing decisions.

  • Gregory Murrill, Program Manager, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation


Part 3 – Transportation Planning and Financing: How to Partner/How to Get Your Projects Funded

Tutorial on Transportation Planning

Hear how state DOTs and transit providers, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Councils of Government (COGs) create a series of plans, including the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). The goal is to learn how to incorporate port access and freight mobility needs into the regional transportation planning process.

  • Bob Leiter, Director of Land Use Planning and Transportation, San Diego Assn. of Governments (SANDAG)
  • Michele Fell-Casale, Chief, Freight Planning Branch, Office of Goods Movement, Division of Transportation Planning, CA Department of Transportation

Developing Partnerships

Panelists will discuss case studies on partnerships in regional/local transportation planning.  

Roundtable Discussion on Partnerships