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2008 AAPA Executive Management Conference

May 5, 2008
Napa, California

The challenges facing port leaders today—including trade growth, enhanced security, and competing stakeholder interests—call forth a new level of leadership capability. Not only do port leaders need to be resilient in coping with and leading change, they also need to think more strategically about the challenges they face to identify innovative solutions. As Albert Einstein suggested, “The world we have made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.” AAPA’s Executive Management Conference, offered since 1969, is designed to address timely port leadership issues and trends. Facilitator Byron Hanke, PPM®, retired Executive Director of the Port of Vancouver, USA has brought together a host of experienced port executive directors, senior line department managers, and other maritime industry professionals to share the essentials of port leadership and management. Discover solutions to today’s most pressing port challenges! Session Topics Include: • Addressing Port Challenges Through Strategic Thinking • Planning for Future Transportation Technologies • A Port’s Institutional Setting and the Implications for Port Managers • Port Development and Operational Strategies in a Changing World • Managing Legal Challenges in the Public Port Environment

Welcoming Remarks/Orientation

  • Kurt Nagle, President & CEO, American Association of Port Authorities
  • Byron Hanke, PPM®, Conference Coordinator

Port Management – Part One

A Review of the Port’s Institutional Setting & the Implications for Port Managers

  • Ron Brinson, PPM®

Port Development and Operational Strategies 

  • Tom Kornegay, P.E., PPM®, Executive Director, Port of Houston Authority


Broadening Industry Awareness – Part One

Key Industry Issues and the New Normalcy

  • Mr. Nagle

Workshop Team Assignment #1

  • Mr. Nagle

Leadership Skills – Part One

Workshop Team Meetings

Leadership – Leading for Results

  • Kevin Nourse, Leap Advocates

How to Influence and Build Personal Effectiveness

Team Discussion on Strategic Thinking

Port Management – Part Two

Timely Considerations for Strategic Port Management

  • Mr. Brinson
Effective Board Management Relations – A Key to a Port’s Success
  • Mr. Kornegay
Open Forum Discussion with Industry Leaders

Leadership Skills – Part Two

Team Reports on Strategic Thinking

  • Mr. Hanke
Strategic Thinking – Skills Necessary to Handle Port Industry Challenges
  • Mr. Nourse
Team Debrief

Leadership Skills – Part Three

Port Leadership in the “New Normalcy”

  • Mr. Nourse

Case Study on the “New Normalcy” – Evolving Challenges at the Port of Long Beach


Broadening Industry Awareness – Part Two

Planning for Future Transportation Realities

  • John Vickerman, Principal, TranSystems Corporation

Workshop Team Assignment: Exercise #2 Case Study

Port Management – Part Three

Port Sustainability — Balancing Competing Priorities

Port Security Considerations

Effective Communications and Outreach

  • Rod Koon, Director of Communications, Port of Tacoma 

Port Legal Issues

Ethical Considerations in Professional Port Management

  • Mr. Hanke

Workshop Team Meetings

Mr. Brinson

Workshop Team Presentations

Takeaways for Port Professional Development

  • Mr. Hanke