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2008 Harbors, Navigation and Environment Seminar

May 20, 2008
Panama City, PANAMA

Since its opening 94 years ago, the Panama Canal has contributed significantly to increasing world trade. In preparation for a third set of locks that will double the capacity of the canal by 2014, the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) will host its biennial Harbors, Navigation and Environment (HN&E) seminar in Panama City, Panama, May 20-22.

Welcoming Remarks/Orientation

  • Kurt Nagle, President & CEO, American Association of Port Authorities
  • Sebastian Degens, AICP, Marine Planning & Development  Manager, Port of Portland, Chair, Harbors, Navigation and  Environment Committee

Keynote Address

Economic Impact of the Panama Canal Expansion to Panama, Latin America, and the Western Hemisphere.

  • Alberto Alemán Zubieta, Administrator, Panama Canal Authority, PANAMA 

Overview of the Expansion Program and Current Status

  • Ilya Marotta, Executive Manager of Resource, Planning and Project Control Division, Panama Canal Authority, PANAMA

Overall Environmental Expansion Program Issues

(including dredging environmental issues)

  • Daniel Muschett, Supervisor, Environmental Protection and Management, Panama Canal Authority, PANAMA 

Luncheon Program

Changes in international shipping, fleet, and trade patterns driving and resulting from the Panama Canal expansion.

  • Michael Horton, Director of Operations and Vice President of Latin American Office, Moffatt & Nichol, PANAMA

Challenges of the Expansion Program Dredging Plan

Public & Private Port Development Associated with the Panama Canal Expansion

Water Management & Lock Design for the Canal Expansion

This panel will discuss the water management and supply issues and sustainability practices involved in the design of the locks supporting the Panama Canal.

Ship Transit Emissions

This panel will discuss the significance of air emissions from the transit of ocean-going vessels with a special emphasis on the use of lower sulfur fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Dr. Ralph Appy, Director of Environmental Management, Port of Los Angeles
  • Trish Koman, Clean Ports USA Program Manager, U.S. EPA - Office of Transportation and Air Quality, Ann Arbor, MI
  • T.L. Garrett, Vice President, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, Long Beach, CA

Responsible and Profitable Port Development, Expansion & Operation

The theme of this session blends sustainability and environmental management in port development.

  • Jay R. Jahangiri, MS, REM, REA, CESM, Technical Director, Weston Solutions, Inc., Martinez, CA
  • Douglas J. Sereno, Director of Program Management, Port of Long Beach
  • Griffith V.P. Lynch, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, APM Terminals North America, Inc., Portsmouth, VA

Ballast Water and Aquatic Nuisance Species Management

This panel will discuss the ballast water management issues, the state of the art of control technologies, and the specific challenges of invasive species management posed by the Panama Canal.

  • Gregory M. Ruiz, Senior Scientist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  • Dr. Mario Tamburri, Maritime Environmental Resource Center, University of Maryland, Solomons, MD

Sustainability in the International Port Industry

Sustainability in the International Port Industry