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XVII Latin American Congress of Ports

June 17, 2008
Panama City, PANAMA

Together with the President of the Republic of Panama being named Port Person of Year for the Western Hemisphere in recognition of his global achievements in the maritime industry, along with the Panamanian Port Authority and the Panama Canal Authority as event organizers, the support of two of Latin America’s most important container terminals, Manzanillo International Terminal and Panama Ports Company, and the strategic location of the Republic, this program undoubtedly promises to be one of AAPA’s greatest international events. As a result, the following theme will be presented in this year’s program, “How to Prepare our Ports for Global Trends in Vessel Dimensions.” Topics will include Latin America’s role in increased global container traffic, the benefits of the Panama Canal’s expansion in international and regional commerce, the impacts of the new Panamanian deep-sea port, port finance, and an analysis of competitive forces.

Welcome Reception

  • Rubén Arosemena Valdés, Second Vice President of the Republic of Panama
  • Ken O'Hollaren, Executive Director, Port of Longview, Chairman of the Board, American Association of Port Authorities

Opening Remarks

  • Kurt Nagle, President & CEO, American Association of Port Authorities
  • Armando Duarte, Miembro Junta Directiva, Sociedad Portuaria de Santa Marta S.A., President-Elect of Latin American Delegation, COLOMBIA
  • Fernando Solórzano, Maritime Authority Administrator of the Republic of Panama

Meeting of the Latin American Delegation

  • Mr. Duarte

Situation of Latin America and the Caribbean region in light of the global increase in container traffic and shipping lines’ routes in the region by vessel size

  • Robert West, Director, Global Trade & Transportation, Halcrow Inc., United States

Panama’s megaprojects and their effect in the Latin American and the Caribbean region: the Panama Canal Expansion and Port Development

  • Alberto Alemán Zubieta, Administrator, Panama Canal Authority, PANAMA
  • Fernando Solórzano, Administrator, Panama Maritime Authority, PANAMA

Punta Colonet, Mexico: Competition or Complement to Los Angeles/Long Beach?

  • Alejandro Chacón, General Coordinator of Mexico’s Ports and Merchant Marine, MEXICO

How to finance our ports' growth?

  • Franc Pigna, General Director, Aegir Port Property Advisers, USA
  • Richard Norment, Executive Director, The National Council for PublicPrivate Partnerships, Washington, DC

Which Latin American and Caribbean regions are capable of engaging in transshipment activities and how profitable is this business?

  • Arturo López, President, National Association of Maritime and Port Terminals, MEXICO
  • Fernando J. Bonilla, Secretary of State and Director of the Port Authority of Puerto Rico

Multimodal Transportation: Will countries be able to compete in the medium term without adequate internal transportation systems or logistical activity zones?

  • Hernando José Gómez, President, Private Competitive Council and Negotiator of the Free Trade Agreement Colombia -United States
  • Carlos Urriola, President of Manzanillo International Terminal (SSA Marine), PANAMA

The Pacific Basin as source of opportunities

  • Patricio Rojas, VicePresident, Fundación Valle Lo Aguirre, University of Chile, CHILE
  • Sergio Díaz Granados, Vice Minister of Business Development, COLOMBIA

Office of the National Secretariat of Brazilian Ports: Is this a solution for the aggressive development of a country’s ports?

  • Carlos La Selva, Subsecretary of Planning and Port Development, Special Secretariat of Ports, BRAZIL
  • Wilen Manteli, President of the Brazilian Association of Port Terminals, BRAZIL

Short Sea Shipping and/or InterOceanic Logistic Corridors in Central America and Panama: fundamental tools for the Competitiveness of Region?

  • Vinicio Martinez, Expert, Plan PueblaPanama (Mexico,Central America, Panama and Colombia)
  • José Dopeso, Executive Director of the Central American Transportation Commission, COCATRAM

Maritime-Port Training as a way to achieve quality port services

  • Victor Luna, Dean of the Panama Maritime International University (UMIP), PANAMA
  • Raymond Byl, Director of Trainmar Americas, Guadeloupe, French Antilles

Conclusions and recommendations (Panama Declaration)

  • Mr. Duarte