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Role of Committees

Policy and technical committees play a critical role in the activities of the Association. They help the Association set policy, develop new programs, and can serve as a valuable resource to AAPA members.

Seminar and Workshop Planning
In addition to assisting AAPA members with issues or problems within the committee's area of expertise, committee members plan and organize workshops (education programs that run for 1-1½ days) and seminars (which generally last 2½ days). These provide important opportunities for information exchange as well as a source of non-dues revenue to the Association. Committee members often serve as speakers and moderators at the education and training programs.

Committees also annually put forward and review resolutions related to their jurisdiction. Generally, these resolutions are developed and approved by the corporate membership of committees, as they set policy for the Association. Resolutions are approved by the AAPA general membership during the Annual Convention.