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Role of Committee Members

Committee membership is open to all categories of AAPA members - corporate, sustaining, associate and honorary. However, the chairman may choose to limit the discussion and decisionmaking process to corporate members only in the case of issues related to the policies of the Association (whether they be government-relations oriented or related to the structure and operation of the Association), the hiring of an outside consultant, etc. Closed sessions (attended only by corporate members) may be used to discuss these types of issues.

Committee members are appointed or approved by the respective Committee chairmen. Committee chairmen are encouraged to seek members from all four AAPA delegations. The staff liaison can help identify potential new committee members.

Prospective members are encouraged to 1) determine the time and travel commitment involved in joining the committee and, for corporate members, 2) to get the support of their executive director before making the request to join.

Committee Size
Chairmen are encouraged to keep the size of committees at an effective and manageable level. This can be accomplished by limiting membership or meeting participation to one representative from a port authority , company or government agency, or by dividing into subcommittees to approach different issues.

Active Participation
Members will be considered active participants in committees if they attend at least one committee meeting or seminar every year and are actively involved in committee projects, including planning and participating in the biennial seminar. Achieving the Professional Port Manager (PPM®) designation requires active committee participation. Inactive members may be dropped at the chairman's discretion.