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Role of AAPA Staff Liaison

Each committee is assigned an AAPA staff member who acts as a liaison to facilitate communication between AAPA Headquarters and the committee. This assists the Association in identifying overlapping projects or in facilitating joint efforts where appropriate. Staff liaisons are expected to keep AAPA Headquarters informed about planned committee projects as well as provide information back to the committee about overall association needs, goals and plans, including the work of other committees that may be relevant.

While staff liaisons are expected to assist the chairs in communicating with committee members (by distributing meeting or seminar notices, agendas and minutes from example), the Committee chair, vice chair or secretary should generally be responsible for developing those agendas, minutes, programs and annual reports.

As indicated above, committee chairs and members are responsible for developing seminar programs and identifying and obtaining speakers. AAPA staff liaisons serve as a link to the AAPA Business Development Department on logistics planning for seminars. The Business Development Department arranges for hotel space and meals, contracting with translators, sending invitation and confirmation letters to speakers, and obtaining bios and determining audio visual needs, working with host ports, etc.