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Harbors and Navigation Committee Meeting Attendees - February 12-13, 2014 - Alabama State Port Authority


Committee Mission

Identify, understand and resolve waterside maritime infrastructure issues for safe, sustainable and efficient movement of freight to and from the global marketplace.  Address legislation, policy and process level issues of studies, regulatory actions, construction, operation and maintenance of navigation channels including dredging, dredged material placement and technology developments. 


Quality Partnership Initiative (USACE webinars, industry best practices)

Upcoming Meeting


H&N Committee Meeting  April 8-9, 2019  Mobile, AL

Register here to participate in the meeting hosted by the Alabama State Port Authority, which will be held at the International Trade Center, 250 N. Water Street, Mobile, AL. Foth and EA Engineering, Science and Technology are sponsoring the food and beverages for the meeting. Thanks to the generous support of our host and sponsors, there is no registration fee to attend the meeting. A hotel room block has not been arranged, so that attendees may choose accommodations based on their preferred loyalty program.   

  • Agenda (coming soon)

Recent Meetings


H&N Committee Meeting  September 27-28, 2018  Arlington, VA


H&N Committee Meeting  April 18-19, 2018  Port of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA



H&N Committee Meeting  November 15-16, 2017  Virginia Port Authority, Norfolk, VA


H&N Committee Meeting - February 1-2, 2017 - Port Canaveral, FL


Past Meetings