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Information Technology Committee Homepage

The AAPA Information Technology Committee is open to all members of the Association, including corporate (port) members and sustaining (port industry solution providers) members. Any organization with membership in AAPA can elect to appoint a representative to the AAPA IT Committee, with the approval of the AAPA IT Committee leadership. AAPA welcomes new members at any time. Non-AAPA member organizations interested in participating with the IT Committee should contact AAPA's Director of Membership Services about joining the Association.

Committee Mission

To monitor, collect and disseminate knowledge regarding the development of information technology, including but not limited to the areas of electronic data interchange, management information systems and other automation initiatives in the area of information technology undertaken by federal agencies and ports in AAPA member counties, as well as monitoring such initiatives throughout the world; and shall policy action to the Executive Committee or U.S. Legislative Policy Council as appropriate, and, at the request of the Executive Committee or U.S. Legislative Policy Council or the Chairman of the Board, shall represent the Association before entities concerned with legislation, regulation or standards. 

Committee Roster

Upcoming Meetings

September 25-26, 2019 - Miami, FL

Past IT Seminars

2018 Smart Ports Seminar
2016 Port Security & IT Seminar
2015 Cybersecurity Seminar
2013 Port Technology Seminar

Past Meetings


  • The IT Committee has an Invite-Only LinkedIn Group for its Corporate Members
  • Don't forget to visit the TOPAS web site for more information and TOPAS meeting minutes.