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MEDC Innovative Cargo Growth Work Group

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2018 Resources

AAPA's Talking Points on International Trade - July 16, 2018

Click here for the latest monthly trade update by the U.S. International Trade Administration.

News story, The Oregonian: China Trade War - 5 Oregon exports at risk - July 18, 2018

Feature story, Portland (Ore.) Business Journal: As trade war ignites, 3 questions with Port of Portland's Curtis Robinhold on Oregon's prospects - July 11, 2018

News story, Bloomberg: Louisiana, Trump's Trade War Spooks America's Biggest Port - June 27, 2018

News story, Wall Street Journal: U.S. Ports Say Tariff Battle Could Hit Shipping Volumes - June 27, 2018

News story, Los Angeles TimesPort of L.A. estimates 15% of cargo could be subject to U.S, Chinese tariffs (later estimated at 20%) - June 27, 2018

Op-Ed, Trade Wars Risk American Prosperity - June 26, 2018

Op-Ed, Capital Press (Salem, Oregon): Elected Officials Must Understand Importance of Ag Trade - June 25, 2018

News story, Oregon Business: "These folks are going to have to look at things differently before anything is going to change" - June 21, 2018 (re trade sanctions)

News story, The Oregonian: Escalating trade tensions fuel uncertainty for Oregon businesses - June 16, 2018

Op-Ed, The Virginian-Pilot: Hampton Roads' economy depends on free trade - June 6, 2018

Op-Ed, New Orleans Times-Picayune: Congress - Don't Leave Port Investment In Your Wake - May 29, 2018 (re HMT long-term funding solution)

Op-Ed, Orange County RegisterRetrenchment from global trade will hurt U.S. workers and logistics network - April 28, 2018

AAPA's Letter to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer (re trade sanctions) - April 19, 2018

AAPA one-pager: Long Term Funding Solution for Port Maintenance - April 2018

Older Resources

Click here for a Jan. 11, 2017 article in E&E News, titled "Wind and solar account for 60% of new growth, outpacing gas"
Click here for a briefing presentation on alternative energy facilities and cargo development.
Click here for an export market report by Port of Los Angeles Director of Trade Development Jim MacLellan (March 22, 2017)
Click here 
for the March 3, 2017 blog in the American Journal of Transportation, titled "The Future of Container Shipping May Be Smaller Than We Think"

Click here for the August 10, 2016 American Journal of Transportation blog, "Lack of federal funds is leaving ro-ro ports high and dry."
Click here for the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics new, monthly Logistics Market Snapshot (posted 9-8-2016)
Click here for the latest version of the U.S. International Trade Administration's "Tradeology" blog posts, featuring news, data and stories about U.S. exports.
Click here to download the U.S. Department of Commerce’s 11th edition of A Basic Guide to Exporting, which is revised and updated for today’s small business. The guide includes the life cycle of an export transaction, differences between domestic and international sales, and shows how exporting has helped small businesses find new customers and revenue.

Click here for Walter Kemmsies' April 2015 American Shipper column, "The empties barrier to export"
Click here for April 10, 2015 Energy & Environment News article, "Wood pellet systems grown in Northeast with help from incentives"
Click here
for the April 10, 2015 Maritime Executive article, "Alternative Energy: The Case for Renewables"
Click here for the March 12, 2015 Greenwire article, "Wind could supply 35% of U.S. electricity by 2050"
Click here
for a very basic "LNG 101" video, 3 min. long by Shell Oil.

Click here for the Jan. 31, 2014 article in The Journal of Commerce, titled "Executive and Congressional Support for Foreign Trade Zones Needed to Fulfill President's Call for Export Growth."
Click here for the Jan. 8, 2014, Los Angeles Times article, "U.S. trade deficit sinks to 4-year low as American exports rise."