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Information Technology Awards

The AAPA Information Technology Awards highlight port technology accomplishments in the areas of “Port Operations and Management Systems” and “Improvements in Intermodal Freight Transportation.”  Participation is open to all corporate members of the association.

The Information Technology Awards are presented at the AAPA Annual Convention. 

Award Categories 

1.  Port Operations and Management Systems

Including, but not limited to: new innovations in technology to enhance data flow for port operations; technologies to improve the safety and productivity of cargo and container handling; technological innovations for the tracking and maintenance of chassis, containers, cranes, and other yard handling equipment; methods to improve traffic flow and improve truck turnaround time entering and leaving a terminal.

2.  Improvements in Intermodal Freight Transportation

Including, but not limited to: technologies to improve vessel transportation safety within a harbor or port, including approaches to the port; the application of intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies to enhance intermodal freight movement; technologies to enable the effective tracking and tracing of cargo from the port to the consignee.

Past Award Winners

For more information on the Information Technology Awards, contact Meredith Martino, Director, Publications, Digital Media and Technology, at 703-706-4708 or