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Facilities Engineering Awards

Submission Guidelines

All submissions for the AAPA Facilities Engineering Award must include:

  • A Cover Letter that summarizes the project from the individual submitting the Project Overview.

  • Project Overview, which should be double-spaced and should not exceed 15 pages. Detailed tables, charts, analyses, and photographs are not required, although they may be included as a separate appendix. The Project Overview must be submitted in PDF electronic format. 

The application period for AAPA-member ports will open in Spring 2024.

PowerPoint Slide Requirement

All entrants MUST download the 2023 PowerPoint slide template, insert the specified entry information and graphics into the slide, including the organization’s logo (on the bottom left side of the slide), and add as an attachment to each electronic entry submission to be eligible. One PowerPoint slide per entry is required.

Project Overview

The Project Overview should be organized into the following sections:

1. Cover Page:

  • Title of Project
  • Name of Applicant
  • Contact and Job Title
  • Date Submitted
  • Listing of Design Team Members with Contact Information

2. Table of Contents

3. Project Description

4. Introduction – Project Highlights

5. Goals and Objectives/Business Problem

6. Discussion:

  • Background
  • Objectives and Methodology
  • Hardware/Software Used
  • Project Cost
  • Performance Measures
  • How the Project Fulfills the Award Criteria

7. Conclusion

Submissions will be accepted only for those projects (or beneficial increments) or programs, which have been designed, planned, and approved by all applicable regulatory agencies, and constructed or implemented.  The project overview should indicate the current status of the project.

Award Criteria

The winners will be selected based on criteria such as engineering innovation, contracting, speed of construction, budget success, new and unique solutions, and exceptional measures.

Examples of projects can include, but are not limited to, different areas of engineering (and or architecture). For example:

  1. Design and/or construction of marine structures.
  2. Marine waterway and landside development.
  3. General economic development (warehouses, shops, yards, office parks, terminal complexes, etc.).
  4. Engineering planning studies or master plans.
  5. Digital solutions projects such as asset management and digital twins.
  6. Maintenance, reuse and/or redevelopment of existing structures.

The goal of the program is to recognize excellence, innovation and performance by port engineering professionals, and winning project entries are recognized at AAPA Annual Conventions. 

Past Award Winners