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2013 AAPA Information Technology Award Winner

Port Fourchon
"Maritime Domain Awareness System: GLPC-C4 (Command, Control, Communications, Collaboration)"

Port Fourchon is the primary port for servicing the offshore oil and gas platforms responsible for 18 percent of the country’s oil supply, and it also supports business tenants and local commercial fisheries.  The port faced the challenge of managing, interpreting and streamlining the technologies available to meet its complex security demands – such as sensors, alarms, radar, text and photos – and assure maximum resiliency for port operations.  To accomplish this, the port created its GLPC-C4 system as an integrating platform, based on commercial software and Department of Defense systems that saved millions of dollars on development costs.

The GLCP-C4 system is a visual, geospatially based application that can be deployed on a video wall, screen monitors and mobile devices.  Through it, workstations collaborate to share data that includes satellite imagery, maps, police and fire station locations, CCTV and weather alerts.  This innovative technology provides greater situational awareness and interoperability with local, state and federal agencies as it incorporates security, emergency response and operations into one comprehensive operating overview.

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