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2010 AAPA Information Technology Award Winners


Port of Miami
"Radar/AIS Waterside Surveillance System"

With its landside security systems successfully implemented, the Port of Miami needed an automated, real-time, situational awareness solution to assist its seaport security officers in detecting, identifying, tracking and graphically displaying all targets, stationary or moving, in the waterways surrounding the port. The Radar/AIS (Automatic Identification System) Waterside Surveillance System was the answer, offering the most cutting-edge and technologically-advanced, security-centric family of projects recently implemented at the port. The new security system is comprised of sensors, receivers, software servers and client workstations, providing a wide area surveillance solution by leveraging the strengths of the three primary components: radar, video and AIS. It also fully integrates with the port's legacy security systems and other business related applications.

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Port of Los Angeles
"Enterprise Geographic Information System Project"

With 1,000 employees organized into 26 organizational divisions performing different operations over a 7,500+ acre area, the Port of Los Angeles needed a common operating picture to provide a central store of current, accurate, reliable, secure and accessible geographic data to support its activities. A creative solution was found in the port's Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) project, integrating legacy and modern systems, static and dynamic data, and multiple platforms that consolidates multiple divisional efforts and overcomes significant organizational challenges. The $1.9 million project has gained a high level of acceptance from all port divisions, stimulating new and creative ideas for additional GIS uses and information sharing.

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