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2002 AAPA Information Technology Award Winners

The AAPA Information Technology Awards made their debut at the 2002 Annual Convention. Sponsored by the Information Technology Committee, these awards were developed to recognize and highlight the great progress that ports are making with regard to technology and port operations. The Port of Miami and the South Carolina State Ports Authority were winners in this inaugural year of the competition, which attracted eight entries from seven ports. The judges selected one winner from each of the two categories, Port Operations and Management Systems and Improvements in Intermodal Freight Transportation.

Port Operations and Management Systems
Port of Miami
Security and Controls System

The Port of Miami entry highlighted new security procedures pertaining to credentialing, gate access, and a stolen automobile recovery system that were undertaken by the port. The program has enabled the Port of Miami to stay ahead of the security requirements recently enacted by Florida's state and local legislatures.

Improvements in Intermodal Freight Transportation
South Carolina State Ports Authority
Automated Vessel Scheduling Application (AVSA)

This system was developed to replace a manual berthing board system by linking electronically-collected data from SCSPA's mainframe to the new AVSA application. The AVSA application then manipulates and graphically represents the data on electronic berthing board monitors in real-time with little planning redundancy, phone verification and keying errors.