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2013 Facilities Engineering Award Winner

Port of New Orleans "The Riverfront Cold Storage Facility"

This project consists of a 142,000 square foot on dock refrigeration/ freezer warehouse that is capable of freezing 1.2 million pounds of fish and poultry products and other commodities on a daily basis with a storage capacity of 38 million pounds for international import and export. Completed in June 0f 2012, this facility is situated at the PONO Henry Clay Avenue Terminal.  It is the largest poultry export operation in the United States and one of the largest blast freezers in the Northern Hemisphere, built at a total cost of $40.5 million.  This project enabled the PONO to retain and enhance an historic port business that was disrupted by the disastrous hurricanes of 2005. 

The project design and constructions were innovative, employing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards to generate significant energy savings and operations efficiencies.  This includes an intricate sequence of systems that reduce demand on energy including wider doors that swing in and allow trucks to open directly into the building, air doors to reduce warm air infiltration and dehumidifiers.  The quality of the design and durability of the materials and construction have created a facility with a projected life span in excess of 50 years. The project also meets federal safety standards developed for refrigeration and associate systems.  The Riverfront Cold Storage Facility was the first design-build project at the PONO, with McDonnel/Primus Joint Venture selected by the port to design and construct the facility.