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2003 Facilities Engineering Award Winners

Small Project Category
Port of Vancouver, U.S.A.
UHMW Fender System

The first system of its kind to be installed at a Northwest port and was specially designed by port staff and contractors.  Using a material known as ultra-molecular-weight-polyethlene (UHMWPE), the port completed the project for $350,000.  It was estimated the cost would be $500,000 to $2 million using traditional technologies.

Key Result Factors

  • Constructed in less than one month.

  • Performance rated as outstanding by terminal operators and vessel crews.

  • UHMW fendering creates a synergy between theoretical design and operational reality.

Large Project Category
Port of Los Angeles
World Cruise Center Renovation Project

This massive renovation of the existing two-story cruise terminal building involved interior and exterior upgrades to accommodate efficient processing, embarkation and debarkation of  cruise passengers for the modern mega cruise ship.  Of special note is the attention this project paid to stringent security requirements that were imposed by USINS, post 9-11.  The security system at this cruise terminal is state-of-the-art and is now the cruise ship terminal model for those needing to comply with new Homeland Security provisions.

Special Project Category
Port of Los Angeles
Pier 400 Phase I Terminal and Transportation Corridor Program

This massive $818 million project covering 595 acres has set the standard for efficient terminal operations.  The mega-terminal project required detailed terminal description and design, aggressive planning, management and construction.  Construction and operation of Pier 400 has significant impact on a regional as well as a national economic level.  This economic impact is measured at $3.4 billion and 58,800 jobs.  One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is that it resulted in only 1.8% of change orders during construction, which is an amazing feat for a project of this major proportion.