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Western Hemisphere Ports Day - April 5, 2019

Western Hemisphere Ports Day is a unique opportunity for AAPA members to collaboratively recognize and celebrate the value of ports.

Ports: Celebrating Our Workforce

This year, we celebrate the skill, professionalism and commitment of the port industry workforce – thousands of people who ensure that cargo and passengers move efficiently through our ports every day. This workforce is:

Powering our Economies

Ports Power economic prosperity around the world and connects farmers, manufacturers and consumers to the global marketplace.

Preparing for the Future

Ports are committed to the education, training, hiring and retention of skilled workers.

Committed to Prosperity

Ports plays a crucial role in building and maintaining critical transportation infrastructure to ensure global competitiveness.



Western Hemisphere Ports Day half-page ad (pdf)

AAPA press release on Western Hemisphere Ports Day

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