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2019 Information Technology Award Winner

Port Operations and Management Systems

Port of Halifax – Vessel Forecast Summary application  (Click here to view award entry)

The Port of Halifax has developed an accurate and effective application to answer our customer’s fundamental questions. Every person in the marine transportation supply chain has asked the question “When will the vessel arrive?”, whether they be port users (pilots, tugs, terminal operators, rail service providers or truckers) or cargo owners, NVOCCs or freight  forwarders. As but one link in a long and complicated supply chain, it is in the best interest of port authorities to make the supply chain as transparent as possible to serve its customers and grow its business. By developing unique and effective tools to streamline a customer’s supply chain, the Port of Halifax has succeeded in harnessing IT innovations to improve its bottom line. The Vessel Forecast Summary (VFS) application is a leading example of this innovation.