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2020 Facilities Engineering Award Winners

PORT OF LONG BEACH/ITS/CAVOTEC: "Port of Long Beach Smart eTruck Charging"

Cavotec, in partnership with the Port of Long Beach and International Transportation Service designed, built and delivered a hands free “smart” charging solution for battery electric class 8 terminal tractors.  Under the California Energy Commission’s FY 2017 Sustainable Freight Transportation Projects, the Port of Long Beach was awarded funding to implement the Zero-Emissions Terminal Equipment Transition Project.  One component of this overall Project is the demonstration of battery-electric class 8 terminal tractors and associated electric supply (i.e., recharging) equipment within the Port. The SPS E-Truck charging unit is currently in operation and has met all required electrical standards.

Click here to read the project application and proposal in pdf format

PORT OF VERACRUZ: "Expansion and Modernization of the Veracruz Port" 

The Veracruz Port expansion and modernization project (Stage 1: 2014-2020) includes the construction of both internal and external port infrastructure projects including five specialized terminals in the north port: bulk fluids, break bulk and containerized cargo, containers, agribulk, bulk minerals and the foundation for the future construction of two additional docks. The project also includes the construction of a customs area, roads, and two double stowage capacity railways in order to move loads by rail through the three principal port areas (logistics activity zone, north port and south port) and connect them to consumption and production centers located in the central and north-central area of Mexico, as well as to the United States of America. The project encompasses a total footprint of 407 hectares and is composed of: a breakwater of 4.25 km in length that allows for wharves of 2.8 km in length, two turning basins of 600m and 550m in diameter, a navigation channel of 2 km and an access channel of 2.27 km measuring a depth of 15.5 m, 28 marine buoys, 5 specialized cargo terminals, a customs area, construction of general port service systems (electric, hydraulic, fireproof, lighting, control and surveillance), intermodal connections for rail and road, 43.34 hectares of cargo storage yards. The project will increase Veracruz's total cargo capacity to 66 million tons per year and respond to market demands for larger ships, deeper channels, greater intermodal service, larger storage space, agile customs inspections, and modernized terminals. 

Click here to read the project application and proposal in pdf format