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Port Professional Associate

The annual PPA® provides graduates and young professionals with less than 5 years of experience with an annual credential to help them learn the fundamentals of the industry, enhance maritime knowledge and skills, receive mentorship from experienced port leaders all while building the potential for advancement/promotion. Participants can earn up to 80 credit hours towards a PPM certificate. PPAs will gain their credential by earning 36 learning hours per year.

The application period for PPA closed on January 12, 2024, and will open again in late fall 2024.

Credential Options

  • Receive mentorship from a PPX and participate on monthly mentor calls
  • Attend AAPA events and/or webinars and other approved industry events
  • Take a session or course at a local college or online educational program
  • Participate in a Port/Supply Chain Host residency experience

 PPA Benefits

  • Exposure to Port Industry Leaders
  • Enhance Maritime Knowledge and Skills
  • Potential for Advancement/Promotion
  • Build Relationships with Mentor(s)
  • Career and Professional Development
  • Meaningful Experiences during Residency

How To Apply

Applicants must follow these four critical steps to apply for the PPA Credential Program:

Step One: Applicants must be recommended by two colleagues in order to qualify for program participation. Candidates must provide two reference letters from either academic, professional, extracurricular or community representatives who can endorse their application.

Step Two: Provide an up-to-date resume with your most recent accomplishments. Take a moment to look it over before submitting your application.

Step Three: Candidates must submit a brief essay describing why they would like to receive the annual credential, what benefits you are expecting, and what you will contribute to the program. 

Step Four: Check your budget for attendance in the program. Accepted participants must pay an annual $85.00 application fee. The application fee will be waived for students.