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2023 Lighthouse Award Winners

AAPA congratulates the 2023 AAPA Lighthouse Awards Program recipients for their exemplary programs and projects highlighting best practices and lessons learned.

To recognize superior overall performance in the competition, four ports were recognized with the Overall Beacon Awards of Excellence in Communications trophies awarded to Portos do Paraná (Category 1), Port of Corpus Christi (Category 2), and Port Everglades and Port of Oakland (Category 3-tie). The three categories are based on the size of the port’s public relations, advertising and marketing budget. Additional ports were recognized with the Overall Beacon Awards of Excellence in Environmental Improvement, Facilities Engineering, and Information Technology. Links to the entry summaries are provided below. 

The winners in this year’s competition will have their Excellence, Distinction and Merit awards mailed to their ports and be recognized in a PowerPoint presentation at AAPA’s 2023 Annual Convention in Aurora, CO, October 22-25. Winners of the Overall Beacon Awards of Excellence will be recognized and receive their trophies at AAPA’s Annual Convention.  

Award CategoriesLighthouse awards logo

AAPA’s Lighthouse Awards recognizes excellence in four categories: Communications, Environmental, Facilities Engineering and Information Technology.

Overall Beacon Awards of Excellence in Communications

Portos do ParanáParanaguá Port Race (Category 1) – Special Events

Port of Corpus ChristiCentennial Campaign (Category 2)  Overall Campaign

Port EvergladesUnited Way Campaign (Category 3-tie)  Special Events

Port of OaklandState of the Port: Building for the Next Generation (Category 3-tie)  Special Events

Overall Beacon Awards of Excellence in Environmental Improvement

Port of Everett, Blue Heron Slough Restoration (Environmental Enhancement)

Port of StocktonMD/HD Electrification Project (Comprehensive Environmental Management)

Port of Toledo-Lucas County Port AuthorityWetland Restoration Project at Duck Creek (Mitigation)

Port of SuapeEducation Project (Stakeholder Awareness, Education & Involvement)

Overall Beacon Awards Excellence in Facilities Engineering

Port of EverettNorton Terminal Development & Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) Interim Action Cleanup (Category 1)

Vancouver Fraser Port AuthorityCenterm Expansion Project (Category 2)

Overall Beacon Award of Excellence in Information Technology

Port of Los Angeles, Cyber Resilience Center (Port Operations and Management Systems)

Awards of Excellence, Distinction and Merit (alphabetized by classification and then by port)


Award of Excellence

Port Everglades, Perfectly Positioned


Award of Excellence

Port of Stockton, Investing in Our Future

Award of Distinction

Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, 2022 Annual Report


Award of Excellence

Port of Corpus Christi, PORT-Able Learning Lab


Award of Distinction

Port of Oakland, Our Path to Zero Emissions


Award of Excellence

Port of Corpus Christi, Centennial Album

Award of Distinction

Port of Longview, Berth 4 Booklet


Award of Excellence

Port Tampa Bay, Legends of the Port

Awards of Distinction

Port of Stockton, Dock Dispatch

Award of Merit

Green Marine, Green Marine Magazine: Less paper, More nature


Award of Distinction

Port Everglades, Cruise Pro Tip Video Series

Award of Merit

Port of Vancouver USA, Internship Socials


Award of Excellence

Port of Longview, Environmental Team Video

Awards of Distinction

Port of Long Beach, Explore the Port Video Series


Award of Distinction

Port Everglades, Trucker Traffic Cams

Green Marine, A Better Perspective on Greater Sustainability