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Oncam Grandeye to Host Panel Discussion on Terminal Development and Security

Event to be held at 2013 Cruise Shipping Miami in room 237 on Thursday, Mar. 14th from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

February 26, 2013

Contact: Richard Morgans
+44 207 3716641

Oncam Grandeye, the innovator in technology and security solutions and 360-degree surveillance cameras, was widely praised for its in-depth panel discussion at last year’s Cruise Ship Miami. It explored standards for port and cruise ship security & surveillance, discussing, among other topics, the importance of surveillance systems and security technologies in the prevention of crimes at sea, and how close cooperation and integrated information sharing between cruise ships and ports contribute to situational awareness and improved security and safety for passengers.

This year, the company is hosting another topical discussion on security issues regarding terminals in port and onboard—a weak point in the security of a cruise and of its passengers.  Although the last five years have seen major design advances for terminals used by cruise-ship patrons, there is a huge divergence between regions as to the standard of terminal facilities on offer. Onboard security is thoroughly compromised if terminal security is weak.

This session will look at the challenges of achieving consistency in terminal offerings and how they can most effectively be met.  Issues including terminal security under the ISPS Code, and the interface with onboard security are among the topics to be discussed, as well as how shipboard and port security should optimally be integrated and coordinated.

The event, Terminal Development and Security in Port & Onboard, will be held at Cruise Shipping Miami in room 237 on Thursday, Mar. 14th from 3 p.m. to 4.30p.m. Media is invited, and the panel will entertain questions after the session. For security professionals, and with more and more people taking cruises, the subject matter couldn’t be more critical.

The panel will be moderated by Luis de Carvalho, CEO, Consult DC, and will also include:

Luis Ajamil, President, Bermello, Ajamil & Partners, Inc

Greg Alcorn, SVP, Oncam Grandeye 

Eric Friedman, Managing Director, HR-Marsec Ltd

Tom Spina, VP, Director of Cruise Ship Operations, New York City Economic Development Corporation/NY Cruise 

In addition, on Tuesday Mar. 12 at 2 p.m. (room D229/230), Oncam will be holding a press conference and a demonstration to discuss how customers are combining 360-degree visual surveillance and automated business analytics to effectively decrease losses while boosting the bottom line by acquiring valuable onboard customer-behavior data that can optimize sales and marketing efforts. There will be a visual demonstration of the latest technology that should not be missed – it is tomorrow's technology today!

Please take a moment to visit our website at or stop by booth #2458 and see how Oncam is leading the way in surveillance and security technology for Royal Caribbean Cruises, and our insights into the latest security technology for the maritime sector.

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