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Cooper Notification’s Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN) Now Features Full Suite of Mobile Applications for Emergency Communications

Latest version of RSAN adds iPhone application to complement Android and Blackberry applications

June 18, 2013

Contact: Mike Petrasek
(412) 394-6611

Cooper Notification, a division of diversified power management company Eaton, announced today that the latest release of its award-winning Roam Secure Alert NetworkTM (RSANTM) features an iPhone® application to complete its suite of mobile applications across all major devices, including BlackBerry® and AndroidTM.

The RSAN Mobile application is an easy-to-use, emergency communications tool for users who are on the go. Regardless of whether there is access to a web browser, RSAN Mobile enables administrators to send emergency messages directly from their iPhone, Blackberry  or Android smartphones to a wide range of communication channels, including email and text messages, automated voice calls, pagers, digital signs and desktop alerts.

“As part of our continuing efforts to provide advanced technologies for emergency communications, we are proud to offer our customers a complete line of native mobile applications,” said Scott Hearn, President, Cooper Notification. “In an emergency, when seconds count, we recognize the importance of mobile applications, providing our customers with reliable, fast and easy-to-use solutions.”

Cooper Notification: Delivering Critical Alerts when it Matters Most
Cooper Notification, the industry’s most comprehensive, multi-layered Mass Notification System (MNS) supplier provides critical emergency communications for communities and facilities worldwide. With 500 MNS systems around the globe, installations include U.S. military sites; major metropolitan areas such as Washington, DC, Philadelphia and Houston; state and federal agencies; university and college campuses; airports; and hospitals.  Integrated with one simple-to-use interface, Cooper Notification’s reliable and effective MNS solutions allow emergency officials to send event-specific instructions to multiple communication channels including voice-sirens, indoor and outdoor speakers, digital signage, text messaging/SMS alerting, automated dialing systems, desktop alerts and email notifications. These systems play an important role in emergency alerting and information sharing among government leadership, first responders, critical infrastructure providers, businesses and citizens. 

Port Name: Cooper Notification, a division of diversified power management company Eaton

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