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TMEIC supplying automation, drives and motors for stacker reclaimer crane

September 23, 2013

Contact: Rackley Dawson, Regional Sales Manager, Material Handling
(336) 210-4708

United Bulk Terminal (UBT) has chosen TMEIC to supply crane automation, drives and motors for a Stacker Reclaimer crane at a facility located on the Mississippi river in Davant, Louisiana, south of New Orleans. It is one of the largest dry-bulk terminals in the United States. The project is in the final commissioning/testing phase.

A stacker-reclaimer is a machine that combines the functions of a stacker, which piles up coal after it was delivered from the quayside to the storage yard by a belt conveyor, and a reclaimer, which scoops out coal from the piles and places it onto a carry-out belt conveyor. This project will include a large conveyor structure to stack coal, as well as load the coal from the stack onto the conveyor.

Key challenges for the project included a unique semi-auto stacking and reclaiming operation system specified by the owner. Additionally, the number of power and control cables between the lower electrical house (located on the gantry structure) and upper electrical house (on the slewing structure) were minimized by separating the drive systems and using serial communication through fiber optic cable.
TMEIC’s scope of work for the Stacker Reclaimer was to supply a Semi-auto stacking and reclaiming operation system. The Maxspeed® TMdrive-10e2 with Rx3i PLC System for total crane control, using Versamax IO System to interface various Sensors and Operation Devices, met the customer’s requirements for the system.
The Stacker Reclaimer was equipped with a Local Crane Management System (LCMS) installed on the crane to help with the ease of maintenance. As a plus to the LCMS, a Remote Crane Management System (RCMS) was installed in the customer’s office, which is integrated into the customer’s communication network through fiber-optic cable.
In the operator cabin TMEIC provided the rotating operator chair and consoles along with a QuickPanel View touch screen monitor for the operation interface. Additionally, MV Switchgear, Transformers and a Harmonic Filter System completed the system.

TMEIC’s Variable Frequency Low Voltage Drives controlled a total of 33 motors arranging in sizes of 7.5KW to 500KW.
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