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AIVP Slates ‘Smart Port City’ Conference for Durban, South Africa, Nov. 3-6

14th annual World Conference of Cities and Ports to showcase colloborations

September 30, 2014

Contact: Corinne Monnet
+33 2 35 42 78 84

AIVP*, the Worldwide Network of Port Cities, will hold its 14th World Conference in Durban, South Africa, Nov. 3-6. The conference theme is “Smart Port City” and the speakers will address delegates and lead discussions on the smart main challenges to be met by port cities in the coming years.

The event will bring international high-level experts together to take stock of current knowledge, share information and best practices, and exchange experiences and innovations. A detailed, session-by-session programme is available on the conference web site (, with the contact details of all the international speakers. From New York to Santiago, from Vancouver to Rotterdam, from Dublin to Singapore, from Hong Kong to Stockholm, from Libreville to Maputo, port cities of every continent will be represented at this key conference.

"We are proud to be associated with this prestigious international event through the partnership with City of Durban in contributing to the conference works, which will help the stakeholders in each city and each port to build tomorrow's Smart Port City together!" says Tau Morwe, chief executive of Transnet National Port Authorithy, who will officially open the conference on Tuesday, Nov. 4.


AIVP* is the unique worldwide network of port cities (195 members including Rotterdam, Montreal, Ningbo, Buenos Aires, Durban, Jakarta, Melbourne, etc...), which is gathering all the port-city stakeholders: ports, cities, business companies, public organizations and academics.  The strength of AIVP lies in its capacity to encourage dialogue between the cities, the ports and the economic and institutional partners in order to start work on a sustainable development project for each port community.

Port Name: AIVP - the unique worldwide network of port cities

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