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New program designed to keep international students in Nova Scotia

February 5, 2015

Contact: Lane Farguson, Communications Advisor

A new program designed to keep international students in Nova Scotia was announced today. The Halifax Port Authority has entered into a partnership for a new international student internship program with Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University with assistance from the Hong Kong-Canada Business Association Atlantic Section. Through this program, international students at Saint Mary’s University will gain valuable work experience through paid internship programs with the Halifax Port Authority. “The goal of this program is very simple. We want to provide international students currently studying in Halifax with the opportunity to get the work experience they need to enter the work force and stay in Nova Scotia,” said Karen Oldfield, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority. “This is important and we invite other companies and organizations in Nova Scotia to do the same.”

Starting this year, two international students enrolled at the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University will undertake a paid internship at the Halifax Port Authority. “We are very excited about this new program and what it means for international students,” said Dr. Colin Dodds, President and Vice-Chancellor, Saint Mary’s University. “We hear far too often from international students that they love Nova Scotia and want to stay in this beautiful province but they don’t have the practical work experience that will allow them to do so. This program is designed to address that issue.”

The Hong Kong-Canada Business Association Atlantic Section was instrumental in setting up the new program. “This will make it easier for international students to transition into the workforce and contribute to the growth of our economy,” said local chapter president Bill Bu. “We believe this is a beneficial program for everyone involved.”

The program will get underway this year. The Halifax Port Authority will hire two internship students per year for three years. The duration of the internships may be four months or eight months, depending on the requirements of Saint Mary’s University, availability of the students, and work requirements of the Halifax Port Authority.

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